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FarmShops own brand FarmMax ensures you save more! We offer the best farm essentials and machinery to help you maximise profitability and minimise downtime.

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23 Products

  • FarmMax Field and Meadow Harrow
  • FarmMax Tractor Weight - Multiple Sizes
  • FarmMax Big Bag Lifter
  • FarmMax 4 in 1 Multi-Function Scoop
  • FarmMax Twin Hawkbill Prong Grab Bucket
  • FarmMax Smartgrabs
  • FarmMax Log Grabs
  • FarmMax Ribbed Universal Bucket 1800mm
  • FarmMax Universal Bucket 1800mm
  • FarmMax 3M Landplane
  • FarmMax Air Seeder
  • FarmMax Silage Grabs
  • FarmMax Pallet Fork
  • Farmmax Waste not Round Bull Feeder
  • FarmMax Combi Cutter
  • Fast Feeder Bucket
  • FarmMax Smartgrabs/Pallet Forks Combo
  • FORIGO T25 Mulcher
  • 3m Forigo Power Harrow & AirSeeder - Package Deal - SAVE $$
  • FarmMax Landplane/Pallet Forks Combo
  • FarmMax Log Grabs/Pallet Forks Combo
  • FarmMax Ribbed Bucket/Pallet Forks Combo
  • FarmMax Pallet/Silage Fork