Max out on FarmMax & see the difference!

Max out on FarmMax & see the difference!

FarmMax is FarmShop’s very own brand. It was originally developed in-house to fulfil a demand for smartgrabs and silage grabs. Our ‘factory-to-farm’ promise quickly resonated with customers who appreciated the savings achieved from FarmShop buying direct and cutting out the middleman. With steady success, the range has grown to include water rollers, landplanes, airseeders, and more.

Many features in the FarmMax range are unique to FarmShop so won’t be found elsewhere – the FarmMax Landplane is a good example with its double-bevelled blade (meaning less blade turnover).

But we haven’t just stamped a fancy logo on the gear. Starting with our customer, every piece of farm machinery in our yard has been thoroughly researched before hitting the market. The smartest ideas come from our customer – those who are working the land every day and providing us with valuable feedback. With insight and know-how, we then explore the world over to find suitable products for NZ’s harshest conditions. And for FarmMax gear, the best answer is European quality - customised to suit Kiwi farms.

Today we profile just 3 popular products from the FarmMax range:

  • FarmMax AirSeeder Forigo Mulcher Combo.

    KEY BENEFIT: Mulch Kikuyu for higher paying grass species, results guaranteed in one season.

    Many farms in Northland are kikuyu dominant and supress the growth of better-quality grass. But with a well-managed programme of mulching and air-seeding, maximum yields are being achieved with our FarmMax AirSeeder which easily mounts on a range of machines. It is GPS Driven and self-calibrated, with an on/off switch on the Plough Arms. It leaves no striping or lines in your paddock and the results are very even.

    The beauty of this versatile AirSeeder is the ability to mulch old grass and reproduce new grass in just one pass. In effect allowing you to re-graze your cattle in the same paddock in one month, as opposed to traditional methods which take about three months.

    For maximum pasture growth – watch the results here.

  • FarmMax Landplane

    KEY BENEFIT: increased GDP through improved transport pathways, plus better stock health & cost savings on labour.

    Once the brainchild of a Dargaville farmer, this genius product is unique to FarmShop and is popular throughout NZ. Since 2017 we have sold more than 80 FarmMax Landplanes and have further improved and customised it to suit the needs of farmers and contractors.

    Share milker Brad Allen has bought plenty of gear from FarmShop but rates his Landplane is the best piece of equipment to date. From race and road maintenance to repairing pugged land and levelling drain tailings – minimal passes are saving him time and money. He says, “it cuts in the front and levels in the back for a very nice finish.” Find out more here.
  • 3n1 Combi Cutter (3n1 = silage cutter, bale unwrap and bulk scoop).

    KEY BENEFIT: Time-savings by not having to manually switch between buckets.

    This three in one implement is “versatile and time-saving on our 300-unit dairy farm” says Mr Taylor near Dargaville in Northland. Reduced labour from not having to switch between buckets and silage grabs is compelling and the bucket can be removed without leaving the tractor cab. Plus the mouth holds the silage wrap. It cuts through grass silage with ease and leaves a nice clean face. Watch it in action here

To date, over 300 FarmMax products are out there improving conditions, lifting productivity and increasing profits across NZ farms! So if you would like a free demo or expert advice, please get in touch. We are keen to help.