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From Maxam topping mowers through to our Samasz contracting machines we have the ground covered

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  • SaMASZ Central Suspension Mower
  • SaMASZ Rear Direct Gear Driven Disc Mowers
  • SaMASZ Belt Driven Rear Disc Mowers
  • SaMASZ Front Contour Following Disc Mower
  • SaMASZ Basket Rake TWIST 600
  • SaMASZ Trailed Disc Mowers
  • SaMASZ Rear 2-Drum Mowers
  • SaMASZ MegaCUT Double Rear Mower
  • SaMASZ Rotary Tedders
  • SaMASZ Double Rotor Rake
  • SaMASZ Single Rotor Rake
  • SaMASZ GigaCUT Set Conditioner Mowers
  • Maxam 3300IV
  • Maxam 2500IV
  • Used Maxam Mower 2500 w/wilters
  • Used 3300 Maxam Mower
  • SaMASZ Rotary Tedder P8 890
  • Z2-840 SaMASZ 8.4m Double Rotor Rake
  • SaMASZ 3.9m Central Suspension Mower
  • SaMASZ KDD912H 9.1m Double Rear Mower
  • SaMASZ KDD861SH 8.6m Double rear mower w/Conditioners
  • SaMASZ 2.6m Belt Drive Rear Disc Mower
  • SaMASZ 5.3m Rotary Tedder
  • SaMASZ 4.7m Single Rotor Rake