Z2-840 SaMASZ 8.4m Double Rotor Rake

SKU: Z 2 - 840

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Z2-840 - One Central Swath

Setting carousels near the central drawbar results in single row delivery, extending them outside makes two rows. New generation, 11-arm gearbox with strenghtened, connecting-rods has been applied.

Clean fodder and turf protection
  • Tine-arm shape with its layout at the rotor has a great impact on windrow forming
  • Precise and clean material pick-up thanks to the shape and profile of the tines
  • Tandem chassis ensures ideal ground following
  • Anti-loss tine protection
  • Additional height adjustment for soft or firm fields
  • Thanks to applied working units support turf is protected
Customer friendly use
  • Great range of ground following
  • Mechanical lock for transport and headlands
  • KENNFIX hydraulic connector (Z2 840 H)
  • Automatic windrow curtain fold down
  • Forced steering system
  • The machine follows the tractor’s track
  • Wwide, rear wheels allow stability during transport
Proven design
  • Over 10 years of experience in rotary rakes manufacturing
  • 2 year warranty
  • Gearboxes of proven supplier