About Us

At FarmShop, we’re farming smarter together.

An experienced team representing our community with farm essentials and machinery but that’s just part of it - our first goal is to get to know you.

By understanding your needs, we can deliver outstanding customer service and support. Each day our door swings open with a simple promise; to help farmers enjoy their livelihoods. We stand by this promise through hard work, expert farming knowledge, and a partnership approach.

Independent and family owned, we enjoy doing the best we can for our customer, at every turn. Our philosophy is to source directly from the manufacturer, wiping out unnecessary middle-man costs, giving you the best possible deals, every time.

Our in-house Machinery specialists are on hand to support what can be tricky decisions - ensuring you get sound advice, in a timely fashion. Every product or service we offer is backed by a team who are trustworthy and solution-driven; we’ll never point you down an aisle!

Behind this website of products and services is a FarmShop team excited to help. You’ll find all the info on our latest offerings, from farm machinery, used equipment, electric fencing products plus free on-farm delivery.

Can’t find the product you’re looking for? If it’s not already on the shop floor, we’ll strive to source it for you – it’s all part of building a solid relationship.

As you evolve and grow on farm, we’ll be right behind you - matching your success with great prices, reliable service and a genuine ‘extra mile’ attitude… that’s how we’ll farm smarter together.

Our values, our culture.


At FarmShop we honour our word, always. When business is hard and the easy option is tempting – we respect the right way. At the heart of every action is a good character, driven by honesty.


At FarmShop we know all tasks have deadlines and carry responsibility. We stay focused, make smart decisions and own our actions. By supporting each other, we can juggle and conquer more.


At FarmShop we give freely without expectation of return. Behind everything we do is a grateful attitude – thankful to our customer, community and team. We understand that success feels sweeter when shared.

Team Work

At FarmShop our team ethos is fueled by determination and support. We arrive early, praise freely and understand the goals. If we all help with the difficult jobs, everyone succeeds.


At FarmShop if the expectation or request is not clear, we find out. With clarity on our side, it’s easier to prioritise and hit the goal. If we discuss the best course of action, we’ll add value at every turn.


At FarmShop we recognize that clients are the reason for our business. Growing smarter means we challenge the status quo and change is welcome! If we give trusted and timely advice, our relationships will shine.