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At FarmShop, we recognise that farmers and contractors are the backbone of our industry – hardworking with a hunger to improve. Farming is our livelihood. As a rural community we face demanding conditions, unpredictable weather and rising costs. Together, we share a determination to succeed.

To drive your success on farm, FarmShop has the largest agricultural machinery yard in Northland and we’re shaping the industry with leading-edge products and customer service. Size counts, but ultimately our promise is simple: 
We exist to maximise our customer’s farm yields, profitability and value.

Every day, we are rolling out innovative gear that is proven to increase crop yields and milk solids, save costs and reduce labour. By cutting out the middleman our factory-to-farm business model provides significant cost-benefits straight to a farmer’s balance sheet. Through smart products, we’re increasing the asset value of farms by improving pasture, fencing, farm tracks, waterways and streams.

Across the pages of this catalogue are favourite tried-and-true brands to support your mission and make every job a little easier. We’ve also launched some exciting new products to lift productivity at your place. Don’t forget to visit us at our new premises and shop online too - great deals are unfolding every day at  

As you evolve and grow on farm, we’ll match your business goals with smart gear, on-farm demos, great prices and an extra-mile attitude.  


We understand that time is money - our maintenance team carry the expertise and qualifications to revive your gear quickly. The workshop has a 3T overhead gantry crane, plus a full hydraulic hose bay with a diverse range of hose fittings to suit any tractor make & model in Northland. 



Just like we deliver on our promise, we also deliver to your door.  It’s great to have a chat at the counter, but we know it can be tricky leaving the farm, so we’ve made it easy to get your FarmShop fix.  



We’ve made it a priority to help causes close to our heart, including voluntary planting days, humanitarian aid and community care. Our team are striving for a safer, happier, greener and more prosperous world – one humble little act at a time.


FARMING…We changed the rules.

At FarmShop, we flipped the traditional shopping model on its head to provide a truly cost-cut approach. Every day we are making a difference to farmers and contractors just like you. Here’s a couple of examples:


To increase crop yields our FarmMax Mulcher Air Seeder Combo is a solid choice. Those who mulch kikuyu in Autumn are seeing higher yielding grasses arrive by Spring. Our customers experience excellent results from air seeding in just one pass, reducing labour and fuel costs. At 20kg/hectare of grass seed, farmers are receiving up to 19% increased pasture productivity in Autumn. For an investment of about $35k, milk solid increases are showing a payback of less than two seasons. 



FarmShop are passionate about its customers succeeding. If a farmer is looking to invest in machinery, our factory to farm business model (with no middleman) is a cost-benefit that goes straight to a farmer’s balance sheet.

One of the unsung heroes for increasing milk production is the humble Peecon Feed Mixer Wagon. Peecon’s tub has a patented anti-belching shape renowned for reducing mixing time by half. Its superior performance means a lift in productivity by about 10% and costs are reduced because cheaper feeds can be used.

Cell farming allows paddocks to be divided within minutes and is ideal for creating smaller grazing blocks or fencing off waterways. Our cell farming products are known to increase productivity by up to 60% because it allows for smarter grazing and maximum yield from pasture e.g., 1-day feed cycles. Essentially farmers can run a lot more animals per hectare, which has a direct impact on profitability. Customer favourites are JOLT Pigtails along with our Polywire.



It’s a well-known fact that any farm improvements made will significantly increase the value of a farm when selling. A high-producing, aesthetically pleasing farm will usually sell for more than 30 years of hardworking profit. We stock the best products to increase land value e.g. the right gear to improve pasture, fencing, farm tracks, waterways and streams.