FarmMax 3M Landplane

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The LandPlane, brain child of a local Dargaville farmer, has been designed to have the ability to efficiently remove and fill any surface irregularity with a minimum of passes leaving behind a smooth surface suitable for the sowing of seed, either by drilling or over sowing. There are a number of agri nominal advantages with this theory, the most important being minimal soil disturbance and therefore minimal loss of soil composition. A considerable time advantage in labour, tractor hours and down time from crop to crop can be achieved.


  • Repair pugged land
  • Double bevelled blade- simply turn over when one side looses its cutting edge sharpness 
  • Silage Stack Levelling
  • Reduce hillside cattle ruts
  • Cultivation and contouring
  • Repair farm tracks
  • Ideally used with a hydraulic top link
  • A cost effective alternative to a scoop
  • Suited for minimum 45hp tractors
  • Excellent for clearing and levelling drain tailings

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