FarmShop, wired to help!

FarmShop, wired to help!

One of our core values at FarmShop is generosity. Our values are displayed as large posters in the lunchroom, but you won’t hear us shout from the rooftops about our generosity - probably for fear of showing off! We’re a humble lot who give freely without expectation of return. However in our latest customer research project, we discovered that FarmShop is well-known for its generosity in business, but our customers were curious to learn more about our support in the community.

Generosity isn’t a one-time thing for FarmShop - it’s an ongoing commitment and we feel grateful to be in a position to help. So without bragging or seeking praise, here is a rundown of what we’ve been doing in this space recently: 


FarmShop is based in Kaiwaka, a small Northland town with a big heart. There are many unsung heroes in our local communities who are giving up family time, work and rest, just to keep us safe. Our nearby fire brigade in Kaiwaka is a great example. 

It felt good to provide a couple of donations this year. We hope it goes a small way to help their hardworking volunteers. We acknowledge the work they do - the family times skipped, dinners that go cold, or the sport matches they miss – thank you from FarmShop for the sacrifices you make. 


Earlier in 2023, we ran a campaign to support landowners dealing with the impact of Cyclone Gabrielle.

Rural Support Trust is a not-for-profit network of regional trusts that provide free and confidential assistance to rural people facing challenges in everyday rural life. It is made up of farmers who have a good understanding of rural living and the toll it can take on health and wellbeing, finances, animal welfare, employment and adverse events. The crew at RST have been instrumental in helping farmers get back on track after the devastation of Cyclone Gabrielle.

As a team, FarmShop set a fundraising target of $7,000 and tipped that slightly at $7,453. It has been an incredibly anxious time for rural communities as they recover their livelihoods after this catastrophic event. Special thanks to every FarmShop customer who helped us raise funds for this cause.


Who are RRT? A global network who deliver hope and relief to people across the globe. From fire, flood, global pandemic, or humanitarian need, RRT are some of the first people to show up and help. 

Many of our team are members of RRT, and often find themselves providing voluntary emergency service for the Paparoa, Maungaturoto and Ruawai Communities. With the recent weather events, our efforts have included sand bagging for flood affected families, along with preparing and serving meals.

At a wider level, in March 2022, FarmShop gave a substantial donation to Operation 322 which delivered essential aid to the people of Ukraine, including food boxes for families.


FarmShop have teamed up with the Mangawhai Harbour Restoration Society (MHRS) who like us, are passionate about the land and creating a healthier environment. 

FarmShop donated several hundred native plants and provided the elbow grease to plant them around the Mangawhai Sandspit. As a team, swapping the Ag Machinery yard for scenic ocean views is something we enjoy! 

The crew at MHRS make a hugely positive impact in revitalising and preserving the Mangawhai Harbour. Their energy and effort in planting and fencing programs to stabilise shifting sands and protect the birdlife, is impressive. 

This is just a snapshot of how we are lending a hand. 

FarmShop’s dedication to generosity is forever evolving, with a focus on agricultural and environmental support, humanitarian aid, and overall community development. 

Our efforts are driven by a genuine desire to give back and ensure a sustainable, vibrant future for all. By supporting causes close to our heart, we hope to achieve a safer, happier, greener and more prosperous world. 

We promise to keep you in the loop!