SaMASZ Trailed Disc Mowers

SKU: KDC 300 S / SL

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KDC 300, KDC 340, KDC 390, KDC 430 

The Samasz design of trailed mowers with central drawbar allows working on both sides of the tractor. It helps to save time when taking turns. KDC mowers can be additionally equipped with tine or roller conditioner and belt conveyor for swath transportation.

Wide-angle PTO shaft
Wide-angle 960 Nm PTO shaft, if greased every 8 hours, has a warranty for 1000 man-hours !

Adjustable rigging screws
Regulate angle and working height of the transporter.

Driveshaft inside the drawbar is with no  doubt an innovative solution, which has a great effect on extending its life.

Wide frame rocker provides stable cutterbar operation.

Mowing at both sides
Long and center-mounted drawbar is ideal for up and down operation. Changing sides is easy and convenient from the tractor seat. Single-acting cylinders swing the mower over to the other side in up and down operation and swing it centrally behind the tractor in transport position. The center-mounted pivoting drawbar allows mowing up and down the field in either direction.

Belt conveyor merger
The merger conveys the material onto the existing windrow or next to it to form a double windrow which can be easily picked up by the following harvester. Feeding the crop onto the windrow without the material ever touching ground, the belt conveyor ensures clean forage without losses. Therefore save your time, increase your efficiency, reduce the number of passes and the risk of soil compaction. What is more, it eliminates tedding and raking processes.

Wide tires
Mower is equipped with wide tires ensuring excellent adhesion and stability. As the machine operates on soft grounds, slopes or water-soaked fields it runs on 340/55-R16 (13.0/55-16) tires that provide light treading to protect the turf. Mounted at a 3° angle, the wheels effectively roll, in direction of travel without pulling to the side.