SaMASZ KDD861SH 8.6m Double rear mower w/Conditioners

SKU: KDD 861

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KDD 861 SH - 8.6m Double Rear Mower with Tine conditoners and Hydroneumatic suspension. 

Designed for large farms and a serious performer in the toughest conditions. .

Owing to the tine or roller conditioner, a tedder and rake is no longer necessary, making it the perfect alternative to self-propelled mowers. 

With more than 25 years of manufacturing disc mowers, SaMASZ are confident in their products and provide customers with a 2 year warranty. 

Features & Benefits:

  • Central suspension means even weight distribution across the whole cutterbar width allows perfect ground following which makes it easy to use on uneven ground and all conditions.
  • PTO shaft with friction clutch, drive from the central gearbox to the cutterbars is transmitted through PTO shafts with overrunning friction clutch, which secure cutterbars from damage.
  • PerfectCUT cutterbars have a quick knife replacement system, getting you back on the job quicker.
  • Stone protection with quick disc module replacement in case of obstacle collision
  • Support springs reduce ground pressure and limit mowing disturbances
  • Hydropneumatic suspension as an option.
  • Integrated gearbox (only with conditioner)
  • Hydraulic safety breakaway device protects mower against hitting immovable obstacles. If hit, the cutterbar folds back and rises about 50cm, then automatically returns to its working position once the obstacle is passed.
  • Adjustable swath guides
  • Electronic control panel
  • Lock mechanism for safe transport 
  • 3-point hitch Cat. II and III

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