3m Forigo Power Harrow & AirSeeder - Package Deal - SAVE $$

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A brilliant setup right ready to go - save $$ with this package deal

About the Forigo 3m Power Harrow

Made in Italy - F201 Heavy Duty Model

These machines work with vertical counter rotating tines, which enable them to crumble big clumps and prepare a very well levelled seeding surface. The vertical rotating axis guarantees superior soil ventilation. Various types of rear rollers or accessories allow for adjustment of the working depth. These power harrows are designed to ensure long-lasting work performances with low power consumption and are suitable for every type of tractor.

Key features about the Forigo 3m Power Harrow:

  • Gearbox Rated to 350HP - Heavy Duty Machine
  • Universal 3 point linkage Cat. 2 & 3
  • Tractor linkage swinging arms
  • Multi-speed gearbox 540 - 750 - 1000 rpm PTO
  • Rear PTO connection
  • Monobloc tine-holder shaft hot-forged
  • Special Tine system bi-directional “ZEUS” ideal for a low power absorption
  • 2x Tines per rotor
  • Cylindrical anti-flood tine-holder shaft
  • Rear leveling clod bar PARABLOC adjustable by crank handles
  • Adjustable side plates on springs
  • Working depth adjustable by lateralpins regulators on rollers
  • Safety front bar
  • Cardan shaft with shear bolt torque limiter SB type (1”3/8 Z=6 tractor side yoke)

Key Features about the FarmMax Airseeder

  • Made in Ireland
  • Easy G.P.S Driven - Self calibrated *The G.P.S monitors speed and adjusts seed flow to suit as well as measuring acreage/hectares covered
  • On/off switch on Plough Arms
  • Quick change seed roller for rates and seed size
  • Easy calibration
  • Large fans for even distribution
  • 400L Hopper

Airseeder installed and the package deal is IN STOCK ready for delivery.

Power harrow and seed in one pass, save time, cash and diesel, brilliant!