Fast Feeder Bucket

Regular price $17,800.00 Excl GST
Front/Rear Mounted

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Fast Feeder Buckets – feeding out quicker and easier than ever!

If you need to get maize silage or palm kernel out to livestock, you’ll do it quicker with the Fast Feeder range. The Fast Feeder’s design means no more blockages and zero wastage. Fast Feeder is easy to attach and fits any tractor or crowd action loader.

Features Include

  • Front Mounted
  • Feeds maize silage and Palm Kernal quickly and efficiently
  • Fits any tractor or crowd action loader new or old
  • Easy to attach
  • Hydraulic controlled
  • Zero waste
  • Chain driven, no auger to
  • jam or distort
  • No material bridging or blocking
  • Kiwi designed for kiwi conditions
  • Standard size is 2.4m – other sizes available on request

Optional Extras

  • Mineral dispenser
  • Potato and onion crusher
  • Stack face cutter