FarmMax 4 in 1 Multi-Function Scoop

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The 4-in-1 multifunction scoop is a tool for various jobs, including earth moving, handling, or even snow clearing. The design of the scoop enables clamshell picking, levelling, or bulldozing without switching to a different implement.

4 in 1- Features:

  1. Grabbing
  2. Scooping
  3. Levelling
  4. Spreading Specifications
  • The multifunctional scoop is a front loader implement.
  • The scoop is made from S355 steel grade with C45 steel pivot bushings and pins.
  • The implement features three sharp-edged Hardox blades, with one at the jaw front, one at the jaw back, and one on the fixed part.
  • The strong prongs of the scoop easily cut into sand, peat, and piles of rubble. The serrated side wall edges in the front provide a firm hold when you need to grab something with the scoop.
  • The entire product is finished by powder coating.
  • Euro hitch

Multifunctional Scoop Functions:

  • Scooping and carrying of loads similar to a regular scoop
  • Bottom opening for dumping from an increased height 
  • Scooping and levelling with the blade while the scoop is open
  • Spreading of sand and gravel thanks to the bottom opening 
  • Grabbing
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