FarmMax Log Grabs

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The Farmmax Log Grab is front end loader attachment

This loader is compatible with the following implements: hay/silage cutters, bale grabs, log grabs, grab buckets, scoops, pallet forks, etc.


  • Made from High Quality Materials making suitable for heavy duty operation 
  • Made from S355 High-strength steel 
  • Features optimized hydraulic cylinders for safe operation and handling of logs
  • 2 Rams allow each fork to move independently toclamp onto irregular shaped loads. the advantage being an even clamping force over the load. 
  • Wide opening angle of top arm facilitates grabbing logs more than 800mm in diametre and 1300kg .
  • Euro Mount 
  • Width 1200mm
  • Lifting Capacity 1300kg 
  • Opening height 870mm
  • Made in Europe