FarmMax Twin Hawkbill Prong Grab Bucket


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The twin hawkbill prong grab bucket is intended for picking loose silage from heaps, semi-liquid manure, handling of bales, construction rubble or brushwood, and many other farm or city maintenance work.


  • The twin hawkbill prong grab bucket is a front loader implement.
  • The robust and durable structure is made from HS (high strength) steel and finished with a powder coat.
  • Heavy-duty hydraulic cylinders provide a firm and good hold of the grabbed material.
  • The bucket bottom is solid for complete scooping and prevents spillage during transport.
  • The purpose-profile prongs are made from HS steel for easier picking and grabbing of the material, followed by easy compaction inside the bucket.
  • The galvanized pivot bushings and pins are made from C45 structural steel with a high wear resistance for an improved reliability of operation.
  • The hydraulic lines and fittings are made to high quality specifications for reliable operation, and can be customized to order.
  • A great advantage of the implement is the wide opening angle of the prong frame for easy scooping of bulk materials heaped at wall and floor corners.
  • Made in Europe 
  • Euro Hitch
  • Available widths: 1.5m, 1.8m, 2.0m, 2.2m, and 2.4m