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At FarmShop, we flipped the traditional shopping model on its head to provide a truly direct cost-cutting approach. Straight from factory to farm is how we provide the best farm essentials and machinery, at the very best price.

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72 Products

  • Cashels Multi-Purpose Drop-side 10T Trailer
  • Cashels Multi-Purpose Drop-side 8T Trailer
  • 3m Tortella Mulcher
  • 2.8m Tortella Mulcher
  • 2.5m Tortella Mulcher
  • 2.3m Tortella Mulcher
  • Tortella Mulcher
  • SaMASZ Rear Direct Gear Driven Disc Mowers
  • FarmMax Air Seeder
  • FarmMax Silage Grabs
  • FarmMax Pallet Fork
  • SaMASZ Trailed Disc Mowers
  • Cashels Hydraulic Double Bale Grab
  • Cashels Bale Cutter & Film Catcher
  • FORIGO Poly Layer STF
  • FORIGO Ridger-Bed Former DP5
  • FORIGO Power Harrow FR200
  • FORIGO Power Harrow F201- Heavy Duty
  • FORIGO T25 Mulcher
  • FORIGO T18S Mulcher
  • SaMASZ Double Rotor Rake
  • SaMASZ Single Rotor Rake
  • SaMASZ Rotary Tedders
  • SaMASZ Basket Rake TWIST 600