SaMASZ Groupers, cutting-edge savings!

SaMASZ Groupers, cutting-edge savings!

We’ve crunched the numbers on SaMASZ Groupers and the results are worth sharing.

After chatting to people at the various regional field days, it didn't take us long to figure out that SaMASZ Groupers are very good value for money. We had one person say they were $50k cheaper than another brand they had received a quote from. Others commented that the SaMASZ Groupers were a similar price to a few other brands of standard butterfly/conditioner mowers, so we've looked at some numbers to see how they stack up.

We have explored both the value of the cost saving, and also the potential increase in income by adding SaMASZ Groupers to your fleet.

The example we've used is if you can save $50k on a set of Groupers. 
Say your business is running at a 10% net profit – you would have to turn over an extra $500,000 to claw back that $50,000, which if you're charging out Groupers at $500/hour, that's an extra 1000 hours, or 20 weeks work (based on 50-hour weeks).

The other example is, if you are running standard butterfly mowers, and need a new set and have scope to add Groupers to your fleet - if you can get a set of Groupers for a similar price, you'll be able to earn a lot more, and the extra earnings would soon pay off the purchase.

Let’s look at that closer… if you are charging out standard triples at $350 per hour and you can charge out Groupers at $500/hour, that’s an extra $150/hour or $7500 in a 50 hour week. A set of 8.6m SaMASZ Groupers indent price is currently $143,000 so the total investment would be paid off in just over 19 weeks with the extra income. After that – well, it’s all profit.

Here is another equation to throw in the mix. If your charge-out rate is per hectare instead of per hour, some of our customers with Groupers are earning up to $700/hour due to the efficiency Groupers bring to the process.

Find out more about SaMASZ Groupers for cutting-edge value and savings! The team would be happy to crunch the numbers based on your unique situation.

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