SaMASZ 3.4m Front Conditioner Mower

SKU: KDF 301 S

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KDF 341 S - 3.4m Front Conditioner Mower 

Good alternative to rear mowers due to good visibility during operation and transport. Extended frame and coil springs of long travel enable very good ground following and proper ground pressure. Can be successfully combined, with rear unit, making a very economic set.

Advantages of KDF mowers:

  • Mounting triangle as a standard equipment
  • PTO shaft with overrunning and friction clutch as a standard equipment
  • Mechanical lock for safe transport
  • Extended suspension frame and coil springs with long travel enable better ground following (+250 mm, - 150 mm)(+10”, - 6”) and proper ground pressure adjustment
  • Hydraulic cylinders as a standard equipment – facilitate lifting to transport position
  • Cutting hight indicator as a standard equipment
  • PTO safety guard protects the shaft against dirt and fast wear
  • Flow divider enables balanced drop and lift of the cutterbar with the use of only one single-acting coupler
  • Quick and easy adaptation into clockwise rotation
  • Good visibility during operation and transport

Tine or roller conditioner
Easy to equip with either tine conditioner or rollers. There are also available conditioner tines made of plastic. Particularly important when unit’s weight is of great importance. Weight reduction positively affects its working performance on soft and soaky fields.