Kinghitter Series 1 - Dairy Donger

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The Kinghitter Series 1-430 Dairy Donger is a fantastic famer’s post rammer. The 4.3m hydraulic hinge mast and 230 kg hammer combined with the Terminator Base create a post driver very capable of tackling any farm fencing job big or small. The compact transport position of the folded mast allows the rammer to easily be kept in a shed with all your tools ready to go. Low transport height is ideal for dairy farms with Irrigation systems and road travel.

  • All the benefits of the Series 1 Postdriver plus the following;
  • 4.3 metre 180Ub mast with hydraulic folding mast. The Valve for the hinge on the valve bank has a lock valve so the mast cannot creep open when in use.
  • 5 Bank valve for quick easy adjustments.
  • You will be the envy of your mates with this rig. Once you have used it you will love the versatility!
  • Transport height with the mast folded over is 3.1 metres.
  • Height under the postcap is 3.3 metres.