Fischer GL2 Fixed Deck Mower

Working Width

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FISCHER GL 2 - Fixed Deck Mower 

Two counter-rotating blade rotors with four mobile blades guarantee a clean cut at any speed. Front- or rear-mounted for an optimal visibility while working.

The Fischer GL2 FIX is a robust, fixed deck, PTO driven, multi-purpose vineyard, orchard, farm, municipal or road maintenance mower. A heavy duty all-round mower with optional hydraulic linear side-shift capabilities.

The GL2 FIX features 1 x centre and two counter rotating gear-drives. With two counter-rotating blade rotors with four mobile blades, this guarantees a clean cut at any speed.

Available in 13 different sizes and various configuration options (i.e wheel, linkage, side-shift, herbicide spray options)

The GL2 FIX is available as rear or front mounted unit or front & rear mountable with dual input gear drive and double 3Point frame.

Available with integrated linear side-shift +/- 300mm both sides or +/- 600mm one-side.

For model sizes and technical information, please refer to the related product spread

All GL2 FIX models are rated 40 – 80 HP

Extra Equipment:

  • Rear, front and rear & front mounting available on request.
  • Linear side-shift on 3Point frame, +/- 300mm to both sides.
  • Integrated herbicide spray equipment.