We Love the 3R’s – Restore, Repair, Resell!

We Love the 3R’s – Restore, Repair, Resell!

When it comes to farm machinery – we love a challenge to restore, repair and/or resell your gear.

Keeping gear running smoothly makes a huge difference to a farmer’s livelihood. Detailed maintenance and repairs from an experienced team will prevent costly breakdowns on farm and allow stronger yields all-round.

At FarmShop, our mechanics are busy working across both new and used machinery to keep them in tip-top shape. With a call-out promise to be onsite within 12 hours to assist farmers North of the Harbour Bridge, there is never a dull moment.   

When asking the guys in the workshop about their role, they believe it’s about being on the same team as a farmer. They recognise farm machinery is a significant investment; “If we provide a service that reduces costly downtime or allows a customer to upgrade their gear, farmers are more likely to shop with us again (and tell their neighbour too!) – we all win.”

A great example of workmanship across the 3Rs is shown below. These ‘before & after’ pics of a Duncan Seed Drill highlight our commitment to repair, restore and resell. Deciding it was time to upgrade to a seeding implement for both grass and fertiliser, this customer brought in his well-used Seed Drill for a new lease of life. After a full restoration it’s hardly recognisable from its original state!

This is just one of the many projects our team have worked on to ensure customers gain access to good gear at a reasonable price. Complete with our Proven Gold 50-point mechanical check and 5-month warranty, the machine resold easily and is once again maximising dry matter for its next happy owner.

Offering leading-edge farm machinery is one thing, standing by them is a step further. Our team are here to assist farmers North of the Harbour Bridge with expert advice and a shared vision to maximise farm yields.

Let us repair, restore and/or resell your gear – get in touch today!