The FarmMax Landplane is smooth!

The FarmMax Landplane is smooth!

Our FarmMax Landplane is a genius implement with many uses on farm. Unique to FarmShop, it is proving popular throughout New Zealand. Since 2017, we have sold more than 80 FarmMax Landplanes and have further refined it to suit the needs of farmers and contractors. 

What does it do? The brainchild of a Dargaville farmer, the Landplane was developed to prepare paddocks to be re-sown. The design is a simple process, essentially it cuts at the front and levels at the back. The result is an efficient process that removes and fills any surface irregularity with a minimum of passes, leaving behind a smooth surface suitable for the sowing of seed, either by drilling or over sowing. There are a few advantages - the most important is minimal soil disturbance and therefore minimal loss of soil composition. Other merits are significant time-savings in labour, tractor hours and downtime from crop to crop can be achieved. Customers are reporting awesome growth rates and significantly less pugging later, due to not having to fully cultivate the soil.

Other smart uses for the Landplane are farm track maintenance, clearing and levelling drain tailings, silage stack levelling, reducing hillside cattle ruts, and general cultivation and contouring.

For an investment of $7,995+GST this clever implement is increasing farmers’ GDP through improved transport pathways, better stock health and cost savings on labour.

We are currently offering a $500 cashback incentive if you are a FarmMax Landplane owner. What do you have to do to qualify? Simply recommend a FarmMax Landplane to a friend and if they purchase, a $500 credit will be provided to the referring Landplane owner.


  • Double-bevelled blade means less blade turnover, simply turn over when one side loses its sharpness. 
  • Ideally used with a hydraulic top link
  • A cost-effective alternative to a scoop
  • Suited for minimum 45hp tractors.

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