Sow and roll – one pass to re-grass.

Sow and roll – one pass to re-grass.

Farmers and contractors are quick to adapt and are hungry for new machinery that can save time and money.

Typically, in New Zealand a two-pass operation is used to establish an autumn-sown grass crop after the paddock has been prepared – one to sow the grass seed, and another with a Cambridge roller to consolidate the seed and level out any rough areas.

But FarmShop has now introduced the Terra.Roller, which delivers sowing and rolling in a single pass. Built by German company Duvelsdorf, the Terra.Roller offers savings on labour, machine hours, and fuel, and also reduces carbon footprints.

In autumn establishing a crop can be a time critical task with small windows to beat autumn rain and dropping temperatures. For this reason the ability to eliminate a full step in the process was met with enthusiasm by those who attended a demonstration day in Dargaville recently. (View a video of the event on FarmShop’s website).

FarmShop is the New Zealand distributor of the Terra.Roller, and it says of special note is its extra wide frame.

Contractors and farmers who go from a traditional 3m-6m wide roller to the 9m Terra.Roller will experience at least a 30 percent larger surface area, another saving on labour and fuel.

Other benefits include the toothed ring elements on the roller, which are a big advance from the original Cambridge roller design. The toothed rings effectively break up heavy clods thanks to its heavier weight and aggressive structure. This makes the sowing layer quite fine and gives the seeds good soil contact.

Every other ring is a slightly different size and has narrower, sharper tooth tips. This also contributes to a superior seed bed.

Even if the prior cultivation has not been done well, the tooth tips crush the soil clods and create a finer tilth. The heavier weight and even distribution of that weight also compacts the soil more thoroughly.

Unlike traditional rollers where the weight distribution drops to the ground, the Terra.Roller has pre-tensioned springs that provide even distribution of ground pressure. This leads to a more uniform work pattern across the entire paddock.

Transporting the roller is safe, thanks to its clever locking mechanism. In transport mode, the outside rings fold and swing in towards each other. They sit in a self-locking cradle, which prevents them from opening out during travel. The unit also comes with road lights.

The air seeder that Duvelsdorf supplies with the Terra.Roller has 12 seed ports. The seeder can be programmed onto your smartphone and is GPS controlled to self-calibrate in line with the tractor’s speed and surface. It is basically set and forget.

Operators can stay in the tractor seat because the paddle levellers are hydraulically adjusted, which is great for removing maize stubble.

Like other German manufacturers, Duvelsdorf has a reputation for building machines that last, and the Terra.Roller has a very robust frame.

FarmShop says Duvelsdorf is a family-owned company that has been in business for 90 years. Its longevity in the market will resonate well with farmers and contractors who want machinery that is built to last.

High-performing farm machinery is a major expense, and the Terra.Roller comes with a two-year warranty to further protect that investment.

Despite being a newcomer to the New Zealand market, the Terra.Roller is a proven performer overseas. Duvelsdorf has fine-tuned its offering over the past decade, and it now has captured 95 percent of the toothed ring market in Europe.

As the exclusive distributor of Duvelsdorf agricultural machinery, FarmShop can provide all the support required to get customers started with their Terra.Roller, including demonstration and finance as required.

What sets the Terra.Roller apart?

  • Time savings. Just one pass to re-grass.
  • Cost savings. Reduced fuel, labour and machine hours.
  • Smaller carbon footprint. One pass means lower CO2
  • Better germination. Due to advanced toothed ring elements.
  • High-quality, German-made frame.
  • Save with seeder supplied. No need to purchase separately.

Comes with a two-year warranty and finance is available.
Ask FarmShop for a demonstration.