Peecon Mixer Wagon - prized for its results!

Peecon Mixer Wagon - prized for its results!

Don Watson dairy farms on the wild west coast of South Head Kaipara, split calving 300 cows on predominantly marine clay and 20% sandy loam. 

The challenges of a record wet season and trying to feed-out on his feed pad with a mixed ration via a forage wagon was a struggle. So in May 2023, Don upgraded his old forage wagon for a Peecon Biga Future Mixer Wagon, and he hasn’t looked back. 

Within just eight weeks, the benefits of his investment were compelling, especially in the herd. Milk production was up 0.2kg per cow for peak milk through June of his Autumn calvers. Good results given a frustrating year. 

Other major benefits were the time saved by not having to load up his forage wagon every time he needed to feed out. Or having to feed out bales and use PK trailers separately while trying to get the same amount of minerals into each cow. A mixed ration gives a more controlled distribution of feed to the herd and is known to give an 8% milk lift from these mixed feeds - instead of feeding each one out individually. With his winter herd he could combine all rations in the Mixer Wagon, get 5 feeds in 1 mix, and guarantee a lift in milk production, while saving hours every day from not feeding out separately. 

The cows lost less body condition than previous years, which resulted in his best dairy submission rate of 93% in the first round. 

Don also found that being on marine clay, the Mixer Wagon has given him a lot more assurance of holding cows off pasture – the wagon meant he could give the herd a decent feed straight after milking, so when they went back to the pasture they would just have a quick nibble and relax instead of hunting around for every last daisy in the paddock and pug everything up in the process! 

He finds the mixing speed and quality to be outstanding. This is due to Peecon’s unique ‘Double Action’ auger system, which decimates bales and mixes exceptionally fast.

Peecon Wagons are not new to NZ, having been represented here for over 25 years. Produced in Europe (Holland) means the quality is second to none and they have a reputation for being trouble-free, with servicing limited to new blades. At FarmShop, we have enjoyed promoting the brand since 2019 and have resupplied just one gearbox in this time - so the reliability promise is proving true. 

In summary, the benefits of Peecon Mixer Wagon:

  1. REDUCED COSTS: The superior performance means higher productivity and reduced costs because cheaper feeds can be used. While many mixer wagons could use cheaper feeds, a key advantage of Peecon for reducing costs is less power output compared to other models. This is because of the double action auger setup, coupled with 16 knives per auger. Because the mix is uniform, every cow is given the same quality and ration, which is important for health and performance equality.

Because it can devour bales in minutes there is reduced tractor fuel costs.

  1. HIGH PERFORMANCE: The tub is extremely robust in 8mm steel with an anti-belching shape that is patented to Peecon and renowned for faster mixing and uniform feed quality. The shape of the tub curves over instead of being straight, which helps push bales in and back onto the augers rather than spilling over the sides. The tub also sweeps very clean, leaving very little in it once finished. The unique augers are adapted to the height and width of the mixing tub for each model of feed mixer.

Finally, thick construction means the steel base plate is built to last at 25mm.

Another feature is that it’s impossible for the drivetrain to be contaminated by the fodder due to having two layers of insulation from the mix.

  1. LESS MIXING TIME: Mixing time is reduced by up to half, because of the 16 knives per auger. The augers are 17mm cold pressed (the thickest weight possible to cold press) which means the integrity of the metal is not compromised with heating.
  1. ROBUST WARRANTY: The Drive Train has a full 5-year warranty on the gearbox and driveline (which is higher than most) and shows confidence in their product. They also have a lifetime warranty on the augers.
  1. HIGH-TECH: The weighing system integrates directly with a farmer’s PC so feeding outputs can be recorded and monitored. Plus there is an option to link auxiliary screens to your loader/tractor, combined with a unique fall away system for accurate dosage. 
  1. LESS WASTE: Peecon is a smarter choice for the environment because it has been designed to produce as little waste as possible. 

These are just a few of the benefits of choosing a Peecon Feed Mixer. The next decision is around the right model to choose e.g. a Topliner or Eco Future. A rough calculation is 20 animals per m3 of feed, so this can be worked out by the size of each wagon. Budget will also come into the equation and our knowledgeable team can help farmers make the right choice.

FarmShop offers well-researched products to maximise yields and reduce downtime on farm, and our direct importing model means the savings are passed on to customers. 

See the Peecon in action on Don’s farm: