NEW Product Alert! SaMASZ 8.9m Rotary Tedder

NEW Product Alert! SaMASZ 8.9m Rotary Tedder

The new SaMASZ 8.9m Rotary Tedder is joining the FarmShop family and will offer customers a higher level of performance and productivity.

Essentially, tedding hay just got a whole lot more grunty and efficient thanks to this new release from European machinery specialists, SaMASZ.

Based in Northern Poland, SaMASZ supply over 50 markets worldwide and have a reputation for manufacturing durable and intelligent agricultural machinery. From cutting-edge facilities, 1000+ workers are releasing the latest technology in tedders, mowers and other machinery. 

FarmShop NZ, secured the SaMASZ agency in 2019 and appreciate the commitment they have shown to our humble corner of the world, including shipping over the latest 8.9m Rotary Tedder to debut at Mystery Creek Fieldays – along with a SaMASZ rep attending in person.

What makes the SaMASZ 8.9m Rotary Tedder special?

Fitted with eight rotors and a stronger working capacity of 10.6ha per hour, the 8.9-metre working width will allow the user to cover a larger area and save time doing so. 

Time is money with haymaking, and this innovative rotary tedder focuses on maximising productivity by covering a bigger area in one pass. The new tedder also promises to harvest a cleaner forage due to its close distance between the wheels and the working fingers, for perfect adaptation to the ground. 

The 8.9m tedder is versatile and designed to handle NZ’s demanding pasture conditions, with the adjustable tine height and rotor speed allowing the user to customise the tedding process to suit different crop types and on-farm conditions. 

The tedding process spreads and fluffs the cut crop to ensure better air circulation and uniform drying. By drying evenly, the hay or crops also have less chance of mould or spoilage.

An optional front support wheel allows for even better turf protection and is ideal for working across uneven, hilly terrain. Safety covers prevent the machine hitting obstacles, and damping braces stabilise it during operation. 

The hay tedder can be equipped with a hydraulically folded curtain (on either end) which drops down to eliminate the loss of green fodder at the edge of the paddock during tedding. The small diameter of the carousels and the stability of the working fingers guarantee that the entire swath is picked up, even when tedding on the mower path without the use of a crusher.

The robust, hermetic design of SaMASZ gearboxes ensures they are quiet, maintenance free and offer a very long lifespan. The suspension system is equipped with a mechanism that puts the machine in a central position when lifting. Tension on the shock absorbers provides additional support.

User-friendly features are given a big tick too, including easy adjustment controls, quick tractor attachment systems and an intuitive operation, making it suitable for the novice farmer or seasoned operator.

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