Feed your profit with a Peecon!

Feed your profit with a Peecon!

Dairy farmers have the utmost respect for their livestock, people and land - together they impact the bottom line.

Farmers are adept at exploring every avenue possible to lift the performance (and profit) from each of these factors. While there are many levers to pull, one of the unsung heroes for increasing milk production is the humble Feed Mixer Wagon.

Peecon Feed Mixers have been catching the attention of FarmShop customers since we began direct importing them in 2019, however they have been a solid choice in Northland for 20+ years. They have rapidly grown in popularity for at least 9 good reasons:

  1. The tub is extremely robust in 8mm steel with an anti-belching shape that is patented to Peecon and renowned for faster mixing and uniform feed quality.
  2. 16 knives per auger means mixing time is reduced by up to 50 percent. The augers are 17mm cold pressed (which is the thickest weight possible to cold press) which means the integrity of the metal is not compromised with heating.
  3. The Drive Train has a 5-year warranty (which is higher than most) and shows confidence in their product.
  4. The weighing system has been voted the best in the world - integrating directly with your PC system so you can record and monitor feeding outputs.
  5. The steel base plate is 25mm thick - built to last.
  6. Designed to produce as little waste as possible makes Peecon a better choice for the environment.
  7. The superior performance means higher productivity and reduced costs because cheaper feeds can be used.
  8. Dargaville customer and farmer David Crawford is appreciating the reduced fuel costs; “it devours bales in minutes and doesn’t suck the juice out of the tractor!”
  9. Because the mix is uniform, every cow is given the same quality and ration, which is important for overall health and performance equality.

These are just a few of the benefits of choosing a Peecon Feed Mixer. Customers often ask what is the right model for their operation - a Topliner, Eco Future… something else? The team at FarmShop can help. We’ll chat about your goals based on how many dairy cows you are feeding, your set up on farm and so on.   

At FarmShop we’re focused on offering leading-edge products, service and expert advice. Our business model is to source directly from the manufacturer (wiping out the middleman) and passing the savings on to you. Peecon is one of our favourite partners. Made in Holland, the quality is second to none.

We are confident you will reap the rewards with these robust machines - but we’ll put our money where our mouth is by offering a FREE TRIAL. Plus if you buy a Peecon Mixer Wagon and do not experience an increase in production within the first 4 weeks - we’ll take it back.

We look forward to feeding your profit with a Peecon!

Get in touch to find out more, or check the tech here: Features & Benefits of a Peecon.