Walco Allspread 3.50 TD

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  • Hopper & guards are UV & corrosion resistant polyethylene for longer service
  • Frame is strong steel construction which is hotdip galvanised for durability
  • Aperture shutter is stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Gearbox has an extra bearing for longer service
  • Spinner is dished with tipped fins for even spreading & even growth
  • Mudguards are optional to keep mud of man & machine (Ladies too!)
  • Simple Drive gearbox engagement operate from quad seat for your convenience


    • Hopper Cover Options:
      • PVC Hopper Cover for economy
      • Polyethylene Hard Lid for durability
    • Wide wheel base for safety
    • Tandem axles to ride the rough ground for ease of towing
    • Electric open/shut kit for ease of operation – optional
    • Suitable for towing with Quad, SSUV, Ute or ATV
    • 2 Year Warranty for your Peace of Mind (Subject to conditions)


    • 350 litres
    • 280kg (7 x 40kg bags) of urea
    • DAP 350kg
    • Superphosphate 390kg
    • Lime 480kg


    Tyres: 18-950 knobby for better grip in the wet
    Working width: 12m at 15kmh
    Throw: 20m total spread width, giving an 8m overlap with Urea
    Width: 1740mm
    Height: 1270mm