SaMASZ 6m Basket Rake TWIST 600

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TWIST 600 is a 6m center delivery rake designed for a fast, efficient and clean raking of forage. It can be mounted to the front or rear of the tractor. With front mounting, you can simultaneously rake and work, e.g. with a baler.

The rake consists of two working systems driven by tractor’s hydraulics using
hydraulic motors. The machine does not need the tractor’s PTO shaft for operation. The rake has low weight in comparison to its extensive working width.

Rake and Bale - save time

  • Tine bar raking system for cleaner fodder increased by 75%
  • Precise and clean material pick-up thanks to specially profiled raking tines
  • Design of tine bars prevents stones from getting into the formed windrow
  • Customer friendly use
  • Simultaneous work with forage machines (self-collecting trailers, balers)
  • Mounted at tractor’s front or rear
  • No need of PTO shaft
  • KENNFIX hydraulic connector
  • Comfortable transport of the machine
  • Mechanical lock for transport
  • Machine setting and adjustment is done from tractor’s cabin
  • Machine design enables work at one side only
  • Low weight in comparison to working width