SaMASZ 3m Rear Direct Drive Mower

SKU: KT 301

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KT301 - Rear 3m Direct drive Mower 

High operating speed, modern design, quick knife replacement system, central spring or hydropneumatic suspension, 3 transport positions - these are only a few advantages of KT disc mowers!

Hydraulic safety breakaway device
Central suspension system is integrated with hydraulic safety breakaway device, which protects the mower against hitting immovable obstacles. In the event of hitting an immovable obstacle the cutterbar folds back and at the same time rises about 50 cm (1’8”). Afterwards, the cutterbar automatically comes back to its working position.

Central suspension
Main advantages of central suspension are even balance, perfect ground following and wide range of inclination (up to 24 degrees) enabling operation on an uneven grounds and in every conditions. Ground pressure can be relieved by means of springs or hydraulic pressure relief system (hydropneumatic suspension).

The most important advantage of KT disc mowers, is possibility to transport the machines in three different positions: A-upwards (at the side of the tractor), B-upwards (behind the tractor) and C-horizontally (behind the tractor). It is possible to drive through narrow roads in the woods or drive under a viaduct or underpass.

Safety guards

  • All safety guards and curtains comply with european safety standards.
  • Protective tube – increases life span of safety curtain protecting it against wearing by the grass during operation „A”
  • Buckles – enable quick and easy safety curtain release „B”
  • Guard’s regulation – enables lifting and locking in different positions, helpful during quick knife replacement  „C”
  • Lifted side guard – lower transport high, possibility to work closer to barriers „D”

Advantages of swath conditioners (Optional) See Conditioner Model Here 

  • Several times faster grass drying owing to breaking wax layer on a leaf blade
  • Cutting wax layer through, facilitates “grass breathing”, which reduces losses in plants nutrition value, and increases swath density
  • Elimination of tedding (fewer drives)
  • Free presentation of material in wide swath, as well as reducing and balancing its density enables easy pick up for baler or self-collecting trailer
  • Increased space between tine shaft and conditioner’s hood to improve material throughput at extremely high harvest
  • Swath width adjustment by swath guides.

Enhanced V-shaped tines are made of  hard-wearing steel. Properly balanced tine weight and helical arrangement on the tine shaft provide their effective operation in the heaviest crops. There is a fixed and pivot tine mounting option.

Swath width adjustment in conditioner mowers
Obtaining narrow swath is possible owing to application of additional drums or by swath guides (Fig. 1). Wide swath provides faster and more balanced grass drying process (Fig. 2).