SaMASZ 3.4m Rear Direct Drive Mower w/Hydroneumatic Suspension

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KT341H- 3.4m Rear Direct Drive Mower with Hydroneumatic Suspension 

High operating speed, modern design, quick knife replacement system, central spring or hydropneumatic suspension, 3 transport positions - these are only a few advantages of KT disc mowers!

Hydropneumatic suspension
Thanks to hydropneumatic suspension, an operator can easily adjust ground pressure of the cutterbar by means of tractors hydraulics. Owing to that the ground pressure is always the same (no matter how the terrain is shaped). Hydropneumatic suspension is a perfect solution on weak, peat land, especially during mowing of the first cut. It allows to adjust required ground pressure - from 70 kg (155 lbs) and provide excellent protection to the turf and the cutterbar. Ideal for rugged farms and mowing terrain. 

Hydropneumatic Suspension Benefits 

  • Improved ride comfort
  • Adaptive ground contact
  • Better crop protection
  • Enhanced maneuverability
  • Reduced soil compaction
  • Increased productivity
  • Longer equipment lifespan

Hydraulic safety breakaway device
Central suspension system is integrated with hydraulic safety breakaway device, which protects the mower against hitting immovable obstacles. In the event of hitting an immovable obstacle the cutterbar folds back and at the same time rises about 50 cm (1’8”). Afterwards, the cutterbar automatically comes back to its working position.

Central suspension
Main advantages of central suspension are even balance, perfect ground following and wide range of inclination (up to 24 degrees) enabling operation on an uneven grounds and in every conditions. Ground pressure can be relieved by means of springs or hydraulic pressure relief system (hydropneumatic suspension).

The most important advantage of KT disc mowers, is possibility to transport the machines in three different positions: A-upwards (at the side of the tractor), B-upwards (behind the tractor) and C-horizontally (behind the tractor). It is possible to drive through narrow roads in the woods or drive under a viaduct or underpass.

Safety guards

  • All safety guards and curtains comply with european safety standards.
  • Protective tube – increases life span of safety curtain protecting it against wearing by the grass during operation „A”
  • Buckles – enable quick and easy safety curtain release „B”
  • Guard’s regulation – enables lifting and locking in different positions, helpful during quick knife replacement  „C”
  • Lifted side guard – lower transport high, possibility to work closer to barriers „D”

    Integrated gearbox
    KT 261 S and KT 301 S mowers have been equipped with integrated gearbox, which apart from the cutterbar also drives the conditioner. Providing two speed rates: 700 and 1000 rpm.