Farm Gate - 10ft 3m

Regular price $155.00 Excl GST

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Our Gates are stronger with 8mm cross bars.

1.1m High

Contact us for bulk purchasing and freight options. Gate does not come with Hinges.

NOTE: This product can be picked up from FarmShop, Kaiwaka. We can also deliver to some areas in Northland regions. See to when we are next in your area. Otherwise call 0800 00 22 09 for more information.

"The quality of these gates is good, the galvanising is very well done and the bars are 8mm, other sheep and cattle gates can get pretty light but these have a bit of guts to them.

They are easy to hang and get them level and setup. The chain is nice and long leaving plenty of room to get it where you want it."

DES SIMPKIN - Northland Farmer