Carlotti Kumara Harvestor


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Designed for Kumara Harvesting - First Kumara Harvestor in NZ of its Kind!

Made in Italy 
Great Quality 


  • Hydraulic Drawbar 
  • Hydraulic Skeith Wheels -with speed and height adjustment
  • Adjustable cutting blade- Adjusted by Hydraulic ram 
  • Water Tank Mounted- Designed to water the vegetables as roll through 
  • Walking board on edge- hold upto 8 people
  • Removable Cover for protection from weather 
  • Provision for x2 spare bins - x2 empty holding areas 
  • All belts are rubber coated so very gentle on the vegetable 
  • PVC-covered upper unloading belt and rear forks with optimized box-inclination in order to reduce product's fall.
  • Adjustment valves for independent belt speed-  broken into 3 sections, Collection, Sorting and main sorting 
  • Rear hydraulic forklift with electric control on board the machine, with rotation system for optimized bins filling and ground unloading in line
  • Safety Switch 

Contact us for a demo/Trial.  Machine would work great for other vegetables