Trust in the Power of SaMASZ and Win!

Trust in the Power of SaMASZ and Win!

The crew at FarmShop are giving away a sweet ride. All you need to do is order a SaMASZ GigaCut Grouper Mower on indent this season and you’ll go in the draw to win a Can-Am Defender valued at $31,500*. If you think about the odds, its stacked in your favour because while SaMASZ mowers are popular, entries are limited to those investing in this big-ticket item before the end of June!

Why are farmers and contractors investing in a SaMASZ GigaCut Grouper Mower? Sorry to increase the chance of others entering this awesome competition… but the benefits and design features must be shared.

Firstly, who are SaMASZ?
SaMASZ are leaders on the international stage with a presence in more than 70 countries (including the largest exporter into France) and have produced more than 160,000 mowers since its inception in 1984. 

Celebrating 40 successful years in business, SaMASZ has identified New Zealand as their Top 3 countries for growth which is excellent news for contractors after a sharp price on a mower for next season.

Introducing SaMASZ GigaCut Grouper Mowers

SaMASZ has customised this mower to suit New Zealand’s harshest conditions. Designed for large farms and a serious performer, it boasts a robust frame, stone-proof knife holders, replaceable stone protectors, and the development of thicker 25mm spur gears with a bevelled edge (which means less maintenance costs as there are no sharp edges to catch or break).

Owing to the tine or roller conditioner, a tedder and rake is no longer necessary, making it the perfect alternative to self-propelled mowers. 

Another reason the mowers are respected is because SaMASZ can boast the fastest blade tip speed of 3200kph, which is an important factor in mower performance as it provides a cleaner and faster cut. 

The GigaCut Controller on their hydro-pneumatic models is very simple to use - easily controlled from the monitor and one hydraulic lever. Along with providing excellent contour following, the PerfectCUT Cutter Bar is wider than a lot of common mowers and is excellent for straddling the pivot irrigation ruts. These Cutter Bars also have a quick knife replacement system, getting you back on the job quicker.

Hydraulic safety breakaway device protects the mower against hitting immovable obstacles. If hit, the Cutter Bar folds back and rises about 50cm, then automatically returns to its working position once the obstacle is passed.

And with diesel prices like they are, SaMASZ mowers can help out here too. Due to their main drive line being geared down, they are operated with a PTO speed of just 540rpm, meaning less power requirements and less diesel needed to get the job done.

For advice on a SaMASZ mower for your operation – get in touch. The team at FarmShop will make your investment seamless… and who knows, you could be the lucky owner of the Can-Am Defender!

See the SaMASZ GigaCut Mower in action here 

*GO INTO THE DRAW TO WIN A CAN-AM DEFENDER HD10 XU 4x4 RRP $31,538.00. ENTRY AVAILABLE WHEN YOU ORDER A SAMASZ KDD941STH - 9.4m Grouper mower with Conditioners and Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension KDD861STH or an 8.6m Grouper mower with Conditioners and Hydro-Pneumatic Suspension ON INDENT THIS SEASON. Prize drawn June 30, 2024. Prize not redeemable for cash. Prize is a Can Am Defender HD10 XU.