SaMASZ is serious about innovation and values

SaMASZ is serious about innovation and values

A little over 17,000kms away in Northern Poland a product specialist from SaMASZ took the time to speak with FarmShop about agricultural machinery and more. Rafal Chojnowski had just started his day while we were unwinding at 5pm.

FarmShop is located in Kaiwaka, Northland and the workforce of SaMASZ trumps our entire population – about 1000+ workers to 714 Kaiwaka locals.

SaMASZ is best known around the world for its high-performing mowers.

FarmShop is NZ’s exclusive distributor, with about 80 mowers and tedders working the ground since the relationship began in late 2019. SaMASZ was also the first European producer to offer a 2-year warranty, showing confidence in their craft.

A shipment will soon arrive at FarmShop with new equipment ranging from entry-level belt-driven mowers to direct drive (centre hung) to extra wide 3.9m, to front mowers (pull design), triple mowers and many more. So it’s an exciting time to interview this powerhouse in Poland.

While the current economic climate seems pessimistic among manufacturers, it’s quite the opposite for SaMASZ who has weathered many storms since trading began in 1984. How do they keep the numbers healthy? From job numbers, production, GDP, war, pandemics and so on. It quickly became evident that a customer-first philosophy keeps them ahead of the pack.

Here are a few highlights from the interview.

What are some of the new product developments that SaMASZ are working on? 

To match a growing demand in NZ and around the world for big machinery, testing and innovating is a constant focus. SaMASZ shared a few examples: 

  1. The Falco2 – Hay Merger is a pick-up rake with a large conveyor belt of 10.5m working width (together with swath). With multiple ways for contractors to work the machine. Extensive testing has taken place in Poland, France and the Netherlands, with a possible launch date of December or early 2023.

  1. Z-2 1000 – a 2-rotor rotary rake. Engineers are busy testing the biggest rake in their offering with a 10m working width.

  1. Rotary Tedders of 11m and 13m working widths to assist larger contractor requirements, but that was all Rafal could say for now.

  1. Load Sensing System for KDD Mowers (double-sided). Testing is nearing completion and it will hopefully appear on the market in 2023.

New Zealand is a small customer for SaMASZ, but service is outstanding.

Rafal explains that every client is treated with the same care. SaMASZ does not exist without its clients – and this value is paramount across the business. They understand that NZ has a growing need for big machinery to combat labour shortages and to help maximise farm yields. They also recognise our challenging farming conditions.

Any issue is met headfirst and innovated to suit. Recently we gave feedback that our South Island farmers wanted stone protection on their SaMASZ mowers. Just like our No. 8 fencing wire mentality – they understood the problem and fixed it.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine must deeply impact the team?

Rafal vividly remembers 24th February 2022. He was running a training day for Polish Dealers when the devastating news of Russia’s attack reached them. “Utter disbelief - we knew there were tensions but we never saw this coming.”

Since this date, 4.5 million people have crossed the border to Poland. Dedicated trains have collected families and transported them to safety within Poland or further afield in Europe. From homes shared to food, shelter, clothing, medical and psychological help – all basic requirements have been generously met. The country has shown incredible humanitarian.

Many SaMASZ workers have driven their cars to the border with essential items - simply to feel helpful in some way.

Self-contained apartments on the top floor of the SaMASZ factory are filled with Ukrainian families whose children attend local schools. Adults have been employed in the marketing and production departments – now lifelong friends from a dire situation. Fundraising efforts are continuous, including financial support of orphanages to support Ukrainian children - “it is instinct to help and we won’t stop.”

The war must be challenging for business too?

All costs have increased. Initially, labour shortages were a problem across Poland because Ukrainian men returned home to fight for their country. “We respect this situation because most people would escape – not voluntarily return to a war zone; it’s very courageous.” 

Trouble-free production is a challenge. Forecasting and ordering supplies is tricky and the chain can break anytime. But SaMASZ are confident they have sufficient steel and crucial components.

When the dust settles, they look forward to visiting FarmShop’s new facilities and some rural contractor customers too.

Do SaMASZ plan to attend any Trade Shows this year?

Yes! But the shows are held in Autumn so who knows what might happen with the pandemic. They plan to exhibit at the Agro Show (Poland’s largest trade event) and attend the EIMA Trade Show in Italy, plus the SIMA in France and more. 

“We like talking to customers and sharing our products – we have missed this opportunity very much.”

If you would like to discuss a suitable SaMASZ mower, FarmShop are keen to assist. They can arrange a free demo and show you why these machines are now on the shopping list for many rural contractors.


 SaMASZ in numbers:

  • SaMASZ held a Guinness World Record for the largest area of grass mowed by a triple-disc mower in 8 hours (237 acres).

  • The plant is about the size of 4 ½ rugby fields.

  • They employ 1000+ workers (more than the entire population of Kaiwaka where FarmShop is based)

  • 36,188 disc mowers have been produced since 1984 (as at 27 July 2022).

  • The factory released 4,087 mowers in 2021.

  •  SaMASZ are active in 50+ markets worldwide (and growing).