SaMASZ sales director Karol Wdziękoński (left) with FarmShop managing director Mike Wearmouth at NZ National Fieldays.

SaMASZ beefs up factory & unveils new implements.

Over the past 40 years, Polish company SaMASZ has built a reputation for producing durable and intelligent silage and hay equipment. 

Since it was founded in 1984, SaMASZ has manufactured more than 140,000 machines. They were the first producer in Europe to offer a two-year warranty, which underscores the confidence they have in their workmanship and products.

SaMASZ now sells their machines in more than 60 countries around the world. FarmShop secured the SaMASZ agency in 2019 and we deeply appreciate the company’s commitment to contractors and farmers Down Under.

Although New Zealand is just 1 percent of their global market, they have organised factory tours, visited Kiwi customers, and worked the ground at our National Fieldays. SaMASZ even shipped over their latest 8.9m rotary tedder to debut at this year’s Fieldays and their sales and marketing director Karol Wdziękoński attended in person to demonstrate the machine and chat with customers.

Today the SaMASZ factory at Zabludow in eastern Poland covers 3.4 ha (about the size of four-and-a-half rugby fields) and it produces more than 4000 machines per year. The company has invested heavily in robotic production and in early July they celebrated the opening of a new production hall with a state-of-the-art laser sheet cutting system.

The system has an automatic sheet metal warehouse, two lasers and two loading and unloading systems with the ability to sort cut parts. It provides space for sheet metal bending press brakes and a warehouse for storing semi-finished products. One of the press brakes has the company’s first robotic sheet metal bending station.

With this expansion and new machinery, SaMASZ can carry out most production steps in-house, giving it greater production efficiency and faster production times. 

Visitors to the factory are impressed with SaMASZ’s painting process. To ensure longevity, every single part is shot blast then painted with an anti-corrosive protective undercoat, followed by two electro-static topcoats. Kiwi contractors and farmers often store gear outside so this robust paint system provides protection against Aotearoa’s harsh conditions. 

Among the latest offering from SaMASZ is the new 8.9m Rotary Tedder, which got a lot of attention at Fieldays. The grunty machine has eight rotors and with its wide working width it lines up with a 9.5m triple mower. It can achieve a working capacity of 10.6 ha/hour based on a travel speed of 14-16 kph. 

Recently SaMASZ had the European release of its new concept MRG 2-900 Hay Merger. With a 9m working width, the MRG-900 is designed for large-scale farming and contracting businesses.

Its proprietary cam pick-up can pick-up of any crop regardless of its length, and the combination of the cam pick-up and conveyor belts gives operators the ability to adjust the swath rollers for the following machines in the harvesting chain.

All functions can be controlled from the tractor cab with the MRG 2-900’s 7-inch control panel. The MRG 2-900 is also equipped with a hydro-pneumatic pressure relief system that actively responds to changes in the terrain and adjusts the load relief to the set value. 

Along with the launch of its new merger, SaMASZ will unveil other new machines at Agritechnica 2023. Agritechnica is the world’s leading trade fair for agricultural machinery, and this year it will be held 12-18 November in Hanover, Germany.

If you would like to discuss the merits of SaMASZ machinery with our team, please reach out – we would be delighted to assist.