Mataka Station Boosts Grass Growth!

Mataka Station Boosts Grass Growth!

Maximum yields and money saved – that’s what a bundle buy of the FarmMax Airseeder on a Forigo Mulcher has provided for a happy customer in the Far North.

Justin Thompson is the Farm Manager at Mataka Station in the Bay of Islands. A fully operational sheep and cattle station within a large private conservation and residential estate, Mataka has been farmed for 100 years and is richly significant in history and beauty.

Justin purchased the FarmMax Airseeder on a Forigo Mulcher in October 2023. He’d dealt with the crew at FarmShop in the past when working in South Head, Auckland. So on returning to the north he looked up the team to discuss more efficient, less laborious ways to establish new pasture.

Mataka Station contains a sheep and beef farm of about 2,400 sheep and 220 cattle on approximately 1630 acres (660ha) of pasture. Justin likes the performance of the seeder-mulcher combo because he can “run a couple of jobs in one swipe” – he’s able to get new pasture in quicker by mulching old grass and seeding Clover in just one pass.

Mataka Station’s farm operations and business are owned by a body corporate that takes a strong interest in the farm, which is an integral part of ownership at Mataka. Such a significant slice of real estate calls for strong pasture and lawn management to preserve its natural beauty. So while quality livestock feed is the primary goal for using the seeder-mulcher combo, the by-product is a great-looking aesthetic of lush green grass for residents and visitors to enjoy. 

Justin feels the investment of the implements will most likely pay for themselves in a couple of seasons, primarily because he can do the job more efficiently along with exceptional fuel savings of a one-pass operation. He found dealing with our team great because we set up the gear on farm and showed him how to calibrate the seeder and get the best from it. 

The FarmMax Airseeder is a simple and accurate pneumatic seeder. It effectively meters and spreads small seeds and can be mounted onto a wide range of tractors.

Farmers appreciate the simplicity of mulching old grass and reproducing new grass in just one pass. Along with the direct cost saving from doing fewer passes, it makes it possible to re-graze cattle in the same paddock about three times faster than traditional methods.

If you are considering investing in a seeder-mulcher combo, Forigo Mulchers are a good choice for their robust design. Based in Italy, Forigo was established in 1972 when the Forigo brothers made their first power harrow inside a small factory. Fast forward to 2023 and their headquarters in northern Italy is 25,000 m2 and has a strong focus on customisation. 

Forigo Mulchers have wide skids and a large diameter rotor, which gives excellent inertia. The wide feet sit under the body of the machine, which stops them going out of shape. The roller on the back of the mower ensures contact with the soil, which is good for one-pass operations. 

We hold a strong inventory of back-up parts to reduce downtime and can arrange delivery. We also have sharp finance options and are happy to consider trade-ins. Don’t forget to check out our You Tube channel for excellent ‘how to’ videos!