FarmShop would like to say a huge thanks to its customers for purchasing Jolt fencing supplies in April and May 2023. Your efforts have supported landowners dealing with the impact of Cyclone Gabrielle. 

For every $1000 spent, FarmShop donated $50 to the Rural Support Trust National who are instrumental in helping landowners get back on track after the devastation of Cyclone Gabrielle.

Rural Support Trust is a not-for-profit network of regional trusts that provide free and confidential assistance to rural people facing challenges in everyday rural life. It is made up of farmers and others with a good understanding of rural living and the toll it can take on health and wellbeing, finances, animal welfare, employment and adverse events.

As a team, FarmShop set a fundraising target of $7,000 and tipped that slightly at $7,453. It’s an anxious time as our hardworking rural communities recover their farms and orchards after this event. So we are thankful to everyone who helped this cause.

We give an extra shout-out to FarmShop Account Holders, Victor Rutherford and Barney Robinson. These two Dargaville farmers took the lead by contributing $400 each through their spend on Jolt fencing gear. Thanks guys – it all helps!

FarmShop have been direct importing fencing accessories for more than 10 years to help customers save money on rural essentials. Our range covers everything from farm gates to fencing reels, wire and tapes, to fibreglass rods and standards, to gate gudgeons, latches & hardware, to insulators, spades and shovels, and our popular KingHitter postdrivers. 

As flood-hit farms work on their recovery, cell farming will be an important strategy for keeping paddocks stock proof. When it comes to mobile fencing, our customer favourites are Jolt pigtails or fibreglass rods as standards, along with our polywire or electric fence tape. Paddocks can be divided within minutes for creating smaller grazing blocks or fencing off waterways. Cell farming allows for smarter grazing and maximum yield from pasture e.g., 1-day feed cycles. 

It can seem overwhelming when you consider what the rural communities have endured over the past few months. But it’s not too late to help. The National Council can receive donations to Rural Support Trust directly to their bank account: 06 0145 0743411 00. In the reference, include ‘Cyclone Gabrielle’ and state which region you wish to donate to. 

Farmers and Growers play a critical role in the NZ economy, and we wish them well in their road to recovery ahead.