Jolt Fencing – wired for success.

Jolt Fencing – wired for success.

Why does FarmShop sell fencing gear when our specialty is agricultural machinery? Aside from a business strategy to sell ‘bread n butter’ products and fill a large showroom, the answer lies in our mission statement:

“We exist to maximise farm yields and reduce downtime with the supply of quality farm essentials for every customer.”

So, while the big-ticket machinery items are important, the supporting acts like fencing gear are crucial for helping customers profit and succeed.

We have scoured the globe on behalf of hardworking farmers and contractors to pull together the best possible fencing products. Aptly named ‘JOLT’ our range is expansive, covering everything from farm gates to fencing reels, wire and tapes, to fibreglass rods and standards, to gate gudgeons, latches & hardware, to insulators, spades and shovels, and our popular KingHitter postdrivers.

So, what are the benefits in picking JOLT over other fencing brands?

Choose JOLT for profitability.

Cell farming allows paddocks to be divided within minutes and is an ideal solution for creating smaller grazing blocks or fencing off waterways. From our research, cell farming is known to increase productivity by up to 60% because it allows for smarter grazing and maximum yield from pasture e.g., 1-day feed cycles. Essentially farmers can run a lot more animals per hectare, which has a direct impact on profitability.

Our customer favourites for cell or mobile fencing include JOLT pigtails or fibreglass rods as standards, along with our polywire or electric fence tape.

We’ve made it easy.

When fencing gear is needed there is no time to wait. Our delivery promise is same-day despatch (if an order is placed by 3pm). Delivery is also free to farm gates within Northland. Why travel to a farm supply store when you could save on fuel costs (and time) by having your order despatched the same day – makes the buying decision easy!

Cost-Saving for every customer.

For more than 10 years we have been direct importing and selling farm gates and accessories. Fencing gear is bulky/weighty, but FarmShop has reduced the number of times each product line is ‘moved around’ to reach us. We often reduce freight movements by up to 5 times – in turn passing this savings on to you. It’s all part of our direct ‘factory to farm’ business model.

We’ve also incentivised customers to buy in bulk and enjoy compelling discounts – so band together with neighbours and enjoy the savings.

Performance is proven.

We are one of few suppliers direct-importing European wire and poly wire and the quality is superior, with higher tensile strength. Original galvanised gate gudgeons have almost disappeared off the local market, but FarmShop are still stocking them, along with zinc alternatives.

Here’s what a few customers have said:

“Other farm gates can be pretty light, FarmShop gates have guts to them - the galvanising is very well done”
Des Simpkin, Northland Farmer.

“Absolutely excellent bull gates, swing well – strong and better pricing”
Mike Herbert, Contract Fencer in Dargaville.

“I’m cell farming for profitability mainly – FarmShop fencing is amazing, you can put it in any time of year, on any terrain”
Charles Garton, Kaipara Farmer.

For the team at FarmShop, our aim is to help you maximise profitability and enjoy your livelihood – shop the JOLT range with absolute confidence it will perform in NZ’s harshest farming conditions.