Flying the Peecon flag - Kaiwaka to Rotterdam!

Flying the Peecon flag - Kaiwaka to Rotterdam!

FarmShop customers, Tania and Innes Anderson have a dairy and beef farm in Kaiwaka, Northland. Hokonui Farms has been in the family for over 50 years, it’s a classic succession planning story on 211 effective hectares, milking 500 cows.

The conditions are wet and challenging on heavy clay and limestone, hence building a concrete feed pad and recently investing in a 18m3 Peecon Biga Mixer Wagon.

In June 2024, it was less about cows and grass for the Andersons, and more about international travel to see family and friends. On the itinerary was a rewarding factory and farm visit in the Netherlands. Hosting the pair was Arno Brosens from Peeters Group, the family-owned business responsible for turning-out agricultural machinery since 1973.

The pair said they couldn’t have had a better host, with Tania adding, “he was exceptionally passionate about his role and the story of Peeters. The two things that stood out for me was the level of quality produced out of their factory. I didn’t realise how much was handmade, and that customers can have their own specifications if they want, with 85% of their machines ‘made to order’.”

“We were welcomed on the factory floor with ease, whereas in NZ, it would be whirring lights, hard hats, high-vis, safety briefings – we just go on with it! And secondly, the history behind the factory really captured me – it’s a longstanding family business, from founder Mr Peeters Snr, to his grandson now at the helm.”

The staff commitment amazed them. Tania: “Across an enormous working shed, staff have their own working bays – one guy has been in his bay for 24 years, he loves it. Arno has been there for 20+ years – starting his journey on the factory floor and now the Sales & Export Manager.” Innes adds, “Arno knocked on the CEO’s door and introduced little ole us from NZ! The workplace culture is amazing, they’ve gotta be doing something right.”

Arno also enjoyed receiving feedback the Andersons, who showed him videos of their mixer wagon in action back home. And for Tania and Innes, to sit around a board table hearing of practical modifications they could make to enhance productivity and performance with their wagon was hugely worthwhile. They have always been happy with their product but feel even better now they have seen the factory and witnessed firsthand how impeccably well the gear is made. 

Tania & Innes with their Contract Milker Chas Enright on farm.

Innes: “Normally this sort of stuff doesn’t really interest me - but wow, I found it fascinating. I kept thinking, how many rugby fields could you fit in this place? The laser-cutting capabilities, thickness of the steel componentry, right down to the handmade tasks, including the precision of putting on the final decals – it’s impressive. The production line is going the entire time, they have huge contracts with China especially - wagons that are at least 5 times the size of ours.” 

After the factory tour, Tania and Innes were taken to a robotic milking farm where they saw plenty of Peecon gear in use. Seeing the way they were managing their cows and machinery was a real highlight for the pair. 

Tania and Innes both agree that if Arno is in New Zealand, they would be happy to host him in their home. They would also be supportive of a demo day on farm, allowing farmers to see, touch and ask the hard questions about their mixer wagon.

Some of the benefits for the Anderson’s has been the accuracy of the scales, allowing them to add in plenty of minerals into the feed. Innes adds, “farmers hate the hassle of dusting paddocks with magnesium – that’s completely gone now, and we know each cow is getting the correct amount. We’re seeing happier cows and fewer metabolic problems. It’s been a good wagon in the heat of the summer where we’ll put in about 2000L of water which takes a lot of pressure off the troughs when they go back into the paddock – no more sucking the troughs dry and breaking ballcock arms! When the feed is moist, they’re not thirsty when they go back to the paddocks.”

They appreciate the hydraulic system and find it easy to operate from their tractor - its far enough away from the feed bin when you load it, whereas with their previous wagon they had to be right up close to the feed bin which was a bit tough on the tyres of the tractor. Their Peecon allows a comfortable distance from the edge of the feed bin.

Tania adds the finishing note, “a visit like this really opens your eyes and makes you appreciate where your money has gone – it’s an investment that brings together innovation, quality and plenty of after-sales care.”

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