FarmShop & SaMASZ set a sharp goal.

FarmShop & SaMASZ set a sharp goal.

European mower manufacturer SaMASZ and agricultural machinery specialist FarmShop have set an ambitious goal to be the New Zealand market leader in hay mowers by 2027. 

SaMASZ are leaders on the international stage with a presence in more than 70 countries and have produced more than 160,000 mowers since its inception in 1984. They are celebrating 40 years in business with sharp deals on hay mowers for NZ customers and together with FarmShop – exceptional customer service.

To demonstrate their commitment to the NZ market, SaMASZ recently flew over sales representative, Greg Biedrzycki who joined the FarmShop team at Mystery Creek and also took the opportunity to visit customers in the North and South. This time and energy to understand New Zealand conditions and fire it straight back to the SaMASZ R&D team in Poland is respected by Kiwi farmers and puts them on track for the goal of ‘NZ number 1 by ‘27’.

Mystery Creek recap.

The 56th annual Fieldays once again delivered, with more than 106,000 attendees over four days. The spotlight shone bright on a resilient farming community, undeterred by a little rain and hopeful for an improved payout in October. FarmShop enjoyed chatting with new customers and hearing firsthand from those who have already chosen a SaMASZ Mower. Contractor, Joe Herbert is a good example - he’s very happy with his decision.

“I’ve been running SaMASZ mowers for 9 seasons, had a real good run with them. We do 1500 to 2000 hectares a year with them - stony conditions, rolling hills, a lot of steeper stuff. The original set I hit a big lump of concrete with them, and it just lifted, come back down, and didn’t even break a blade, module or anything! The front mower hit a four-inch steel hydrant in a paddock, sliced it off and kept going, it didn’t even break a blade. 

The floatation’s just second to none I reckon. They sit on the ground good, follow the contour, don’t leave too much behind, and leave a nice clean finish – probably the cleanest finish I’ve seen. We’re real happy with them. The side-shift on the front mower is awesome – along the sides of hills or around corners you can slide it across, I couldn’t do without it really, should have it on more gear, especially going through gateways, it makes it a lot easier.”

Joe also likes that when he’s under pressure, parts are easily sourced, and downtime is eliminated. He finds the mowers extremely durable and easy to work on if something does go wrong.

Other benefits of the Grouper Mowers include its robust frame, conditioners, stone-proof knife holders, replaceable stone protectors, and the development of thicker 25mm spur gears with a bevelled edge – meaning less maintenance costs as no sharp edges to catch or break. Available with either tine or roller conditioners, and with easy adjustment to the belt speed of the groupers, they are the perfect option to increase productivity and eliminate the need of a tedder and rake.

Another reason the mowers are respected is because SaMASZ can boast one of the fastest blade tip speed of 3200rpm, which is an important factor in mower performance as it provides a cleaner and faster cut. 

Cutting a deal on finance. 

FarmShop are currently providing 20% off retail prices and 0% finance over 3 years. Plus, an indent order of a SaMASZ Grouper Mower this season will put customers in the draw to win a Can-Am Defender valued at $31,500*.