Cashels 8-tonne trailer, paid in under 97 hours!

Cashels 8-tonne trailer, paid in under 97 hours!

In 2023, a local farmer purchased an 8-tonne Cashels Trailer from FarmShop and is impressed with its performance. Spreading metal on his farm was originally done with a tractor and scoop, and sometimes by the bucket load. Upgrading to an 8-tonne Cashels Trailer has meant completing the task 7.5 times faster. For a return-on-investment calculation, we did the rough maths of 7.5 x faster at $40/per hour to equal an ROI of $300/hour, meaning a $29,000 investment was paid off in just under 97 hours.   

Consider the maths on your own return on investment; how much faster ($/per hour) can you get the job done with a new or bigger trailer? Divide this by the cost and there’s your answer!

Known as the best value tip-trailer in NZ, Cashels multi-purpose drop-side trailers are designed for everyday haulage tasks on farm. Built with quality and strength in mind, they are perfect for transporting sand, gravel, topsoil, fertiliser, grain and more.

Based in the west of Ireland, Cashels is a leading international designer, manufacturer and exporter of specialised agricultural and construction equipment. Established in 1985, they have over 35 years of fine-tuning their offering.

Cashels Trailers comprise a robust lower chassis fabricated from a heavy-duty 180mm channel and incorporate a 150x150mm structural box section drawbar. The chassis is fitted with a heavy-duty bogey axle as standard. A durable tipping body with easily removable 2.5mm hinged drop sides enables the trailers to be used as flatbeds. The floors are fabricated from 5mm mild steel, which sits on heavy-duty cross-member channels.

Road legal lights are fitted inside the rear bumpers, protecting them from harsh working conditions. Attention to detail, combined with a superior build, emphasises the quality and strength of these products.

Other features and benefits include 70mm ADR 6-Stud axles, spreader chains, hydraulic tail gate and brakes, innovative quick hitch stand, a tapered tipping body for ease of load discharge, reinforced pivot points, swivel towing eye. The deck measurements of the 8T are 2.1m wide and 3.9m long. The 10T deck measures 2.25m wide and 4.2m long.

A wise investment with a Cashels Trailer is the NZ-made Rata Quick Hitch. Customer Brad Allen has a 480ha operation at Pouto, Northland and uses the quick hitch a lot with his 8T Cashels Trailer which is balanced perfectly to suit using with a quick hitch. He’s doing plenty of carting dirt, limestone, and shifting kernel and finds the trailer very well balanced under heavy loads. He adds, “the brakes are an awesome safety feature on heavy loads and the single working ram is excellent. It’s easy to take the sides off for carting bales around as well.” 

Get in touch with us if you would like to find out more about Cashels Trailers – we’re passionate about helping you succeed. Our factory to farm business model (with no middleman) is a cost-benefit that goes straight to every farmer’s balance sheet – so let’s farm smarter together!

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