Walco Allspread 0.70 ATV Mag Spreader

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The Walco Allspread 0.70 ATV Mag Spreader is specially designed for spreading Causmag or Magnesium Oxide

  • Hopper & guards are UV & corrosion resistant polyethylene for longer service
  • Frame is strong steel construction which is hotdip galvanised for durability
  • Aperture shutter is stainless steel for corrosion resistance
  • Gearbox has an extra bearing for longer service
  • Aperture has a single drop point for controlled Magnesium powder spreading
  • Extra Large spinner shroud to keep Mag dust off operator & machine
  • Mudguards are optional to keep mud off man & machine (& ladies too!)
  • Drive System Options:
    • Simple Drive gearbox engagement operate from Quad seat for your convenience
    • Pin drive gearbox engagement for economy
  • Polyethylene hard lid for durability
  • Suitable for towing with Quad, SSUV, Ute or ATV
  • 2 Year Warranty for your Peace of Mind (Subject to conditions)


  • 70 litres
  • 2 bags of Causmag
  • 55kg of urea
  • 70kg DAP
  • 77kg Superphosphate


Tyres: 18-7.50-8
Width: 1200mm
Height: 1000mm