SaMASZ 2.1m Rear Drum Mowers w/Hydraulic Lifting

SKU: 17-SMZZ010/2H
Regular price $12,000.00 Excl GST
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Working width [m]

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Z010/2H - 2.1m Drum Mower w/Hydraulic lifting

If you care for aquiring high quality fodder, effectiveness in operation and professional technical support we are the answer to your Tough, resistant gearbox is the most essential part of all Samasz mowers.

Special mowing drums transport cut material and lay it down into a smooth swath. 


  • Genius invention of 20th century - cuts perfectly either lying grass or very high sedge - cane,
  • Factory set 5,8 cm (2’’) cutting height, regulated by distance rings
  • DLG Signum Test
  • Solid and tough design
  • Safety breakaway device
  • Additional knives and mounting lever
  • Ideally fitted to the ground and even working height
  • Safety breakaway device spring with adjustable deflection
  • Quick and easy knife replacement
  • Standard-delivered PTO shaft with holder
  • Low noise and stable operation
  • PTO 540 rpm
  • Adjustable lower pins
  • Solid metal guard with cover
  • Hydraulic lifting system (option)