Fischer SL2 Mower

SKU: 17-FISCSL2160210
Working Width

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FISCHER SL-2- Flat Deck Mower with Inter-row capability

The one-sided Fischer SL is one of the most versatile mowers in the Fischer range. It features impressive linear hydraulic side-shift capacity and is available with D600mm or D800mm swivel-arm disc system equipped with our unique hydraulic fine-sensor technology.

The Fischer SL is also available without swivel-arm assembly that called Fischer HL on request only.

The hydraulic fine-sensor technology provides greater control and allows for the swivel-arm disc to mow around tree trunks without damaging them. The mower will provide a seamless cut from inter-row to under-tree or vine.

The Fischer SL is available in various different sizes and configuration options. The smallest three models are convertible to front or rear mounting if equipped with the standard metal front and read rollers.

The standard Fischer SL is equipped with a solid 600mm swivel-arm disc and offers an upgrade to 800mm for larger orchards. The heavy duty cutting rotor of the swivel-arm disc is supported by a armour-steel gliding disc on bearing to optimise it’s performance along uneven ground. The 3Point frame of the mower, allows for an upward movement on the right hand side to cater for small embankments. A further small upward tolerance is provided by the swivel-arm itself. If further side-lifting is required, we recommend a hydraulically supported bottom right 3Point arm on the tractor.

Features Include 

  • Double Fine Sensors 
  • 2 Rotors
  • Rear Roller
  • Made in Europe