SaMASZ – Superior in every sense.

SaMASZ – Superior in every sense.

In just 12 months, more than 4,000 machines will churn out of the SaMASZ factory in Poland. To put that into perspective, that’s a 3.4-hectare, new state-of-the-art factory with robotic production and 800 skilled workers, drawing on 37-years’ experience in design and machine production.

SaMASZ was the first producer in Europe to offer a 2-year warranty – which further proves the confidence in their workmanship.   

Among the 4,000+ machines for 2022 is an order from NZ for just 30 mowers – a humble number, but exciting for FarmShop customers who can be confident their investment will be very fair on their back pocket. Why? Because FarmShop’s direct supply model removes the middleman, essentially bringing machinery offshore and straight into its yard (or to a suitable dealer). These savings are passed onto customers, along with strong after-sales care and a reliable inventory of spare parts.

Within this order of mowers is a wide range: from entry-level belt-driven mowers to direct drive (centre hung), to extra wide 3.9m, to front mowers (pull design), to triple mowers and the groupa range (cut & rake in one-pass) plus many more.

The benefits of a SaMASZ mower are endless, but drastically reducing downtime on farm is a big part of the appeal. The cutterbar design is genius in every sense. Breakdowns are limited to just one module – and the quick-change system means the module can be replaced in the field, reducing costly downtime to a few minutes (as opposed to days).

Other merits include its low-noise operation, thicker spur gears compared to competitor models (25mm), a wider cutterbar which strategically hugs the contour of the ground (great for pivot irrigation), stronger safety features – including a 3-pin knife holder to eliminate a blade coming off. The list continues and we could chat about SaMASZ mowers all day!

Here’s another 4 reasons:

  • FarmShop carry a full inventory of parts to ensure downtime on farm is minimised.
  • Every surface of a SaMASZ mower is painted to perfection with an automated, environmentally friendly paint system – perfect protection for NZ’s harsh climate.
  • Striping is eliminated because of the 13.8mm blade overlap.
  • There is superior stone protection because of its triple-cog engagement and the ‘keyway breakaway’ - meaning greater protection if the mower does come in contact with an object.

SaMASZ have a proud history of manufacturing 140,000+ machines, along with ISO-9001 quality certification and even a Guinness World Record. What’s the record for? “The largest area of grass mowed by a triple-disc mower in 8 hours - 237 acres (using the MegaCUT 941).” We reckon that should put them on your shopping list! And in the words of contractor, David O’Neill from Omarama:

“We have 3 sets of SaMASZ Triple Mower Conditioners 1 x 8.6m and 2x 9.4m cutting up to 2500 - 3000 hectares each. They are great mowers and will be my first choice for my next replacement.”

If you would like to discuss a suitable SaMASZ mower, please give us a call. We can arrange a free demo and show you why we are proud to be NZ’s exclusive distributor. You might also like to visit … be sure to book a virtual factory tour, it’s impressive!

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