SaMASZ Demo Day Proves Popular

SaMASZ Demo Day Proves Popular

A recent Demo Day held at FarmShop was very popular, and not just because of the Scotch fillet burgers.

Approximately 20 Contractors took the opportunity to step away from work and hear a presentation from our Lead Mechanics, Jeff and Scott. The group also appreciated a chance to check out new and used machinery, network with peers, and enjoy a hearty lunch. 

Before sharing details of their presentation, it’s worth pointing out the general mood was buoyant among those who attended. Some Contractors spoke of the difficulties of labour and rising costs swaying in their favour because farmers were less inclined to invest in their own machinery, opting to engage a contractor instead. The recent Northland dairy farmer payout announcement and hopes for drier El Niño weather were also helpful contributors.

FarmShop recently sent Jeff and Scott to Europe for an intense machinery training exercise. The pair visited many of FarmShop’s international partners, but the Demo Day presentation focused on their time with Polish manufacturer SaMASZ, who make the strongest mowers, tedders and rakes worldwide.

For Jeff and Scott, spending three days at the SaMASZ factory has deeply cemented their product knowledge and respect for the manufacturer, “it gives you confidence when out in the field talking about them”, says Jeff. The SaMASZ visit will help raise the profile of this relatively new brand for rural communities Down Under, and they look forward to sharing their knowledge with customers.

Jeff and Scott were trained by the SaMASZ Lead Technician, Krzysztof Juchnicki, who has been with the company for over 20 years. Kris worked from the ground up, building the machines, cutting, welding, to becoming the head trainer and technician worldwide. The pair agree it has been the best training they have ever received as mechanics, “we got to work directly on NZ-specific mowers, rakes etc. and went over them with a fine-tooth comb,” adds Jeff.

But we also recognise that technical knowledge is better when shared. So Jeff and Scott have created ‘how to’ videos to educate customers over short tutorial videos – sharing things like how to change modules, change keyways, sort out timing, set up a mower on the tractor, and so on. No info is held back.

Sharing this information with Contractors goes a long way towards building trust in SaMASZ as a brand, and Jeff and Scott now have an established relationship with SaMASZ headquarters and the finest minds in Poland, which is a big measure of confidence for our customers.  

Considering purchasing a SaMASZ machine?

Along with excellent SaMASZ finance terms, we have access to favourable Leasing plans, which might be of interest to potential customers – each payment is tax deductible, and having the first option to buy at the end of the term is a smart concept. 

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