SaMASZ Best Quality Mowers – Tried & True

SaMASZ Best Quality Mowers – Tried & True

Here’s a set of SaMASZ 9.1m Butterfly Mowers heading off to their new owner. There’s a bit of a story behind them, so hang on for the ride. In the spirit of good business-practice, we’ll keep names anonymous, but if you chat to us in person – who knows, we might let the other brand slip. 

Back in 2019, the Northland contractor behind our story required two new sets of Butterfly mowers. In doing his research, SaMASZ was an option, but he’d used other brands up until then and SaMASZ was a new and somewhat unknown choice.

Meanwhile, the sales rep for a mower brand he’d previously used advised him along the lines of “SaMASZ would need welding up and would fall to pieces in the first season.” Interesting sales tactic! 

Thankfully, our contractor Mr W did his own research. A few points about SaMASZ mowers stood out for him, including a pledge to handle rough NZ conditions, availability of back up parts if required, the strength of the main framework, quick change modules, excellent cutting width and heavy duty 25mm thick gears – all helping to slash mowing time.

In the end, he made a decision to purchase a SaMASZ mower, plus a set from a competing brand.

Within the first season, the other mower brand had broken its frame and the warranty was disappointing - “we’ll send you a new frame but you’ll need to assemble it”. So the existing mower was welded up by his engineers, with extra steel to strengthen it.

By comparison, how is the SaMASZ mower doing? Had the other sales rep been right? Did it fall to pieces and require welding up? No! More than four years later and over 10,000 hectares of grass cut and the SaMASZ mower is going strong. 

The SaMASZ mower has been their daily ‘go to’ - used on rough acres with no issues. He’d even bought a couple of gear spools just in case, but they’re still sitting in his shed. 

Lukas Lapinski is the Export Director for SaMASZ and when he visited in 2023, FarmShop took the opportunity to show him the condition of the mower. Lukas was very impressed and the pair talked about it performing for another 10,000 hectares!

Aside from the strength of SaMASZ, the moral of the story is the importance of not bagging other brands in the marketplace. Recognising the value in our competitor’s mowers (and all agriculture machinery) allows us to appreciate the diversity out there - while ensuring we strive for improvement and innovation in our own efforts.   

Our contractor is now a serious supporter of SaMASZ. His latest investment of a set of 9.1m Butterfly Mowers are off to work their magic, and we’ll be right alongside him ensuring the after-sales service is top-notch too. 

SaMASZ are damn tough mowers… and we’ve got the stories to prove it!