Forigo & Airseeder for One-Pass Precision Farming

Forigo & Airseeder for One-Pass Precision Farming

Success in precision farming is choosing agricultural machinery wisely. With rising costs, staff challenges and ever-changing regulations - the decision-making must be spot on. New products, GPS tech and other big-promise gadgets are rolling out faster than ever, but the combination of a high-performing Power Harrow and Airseeder should never be underestimated.

For achieving maximum yields and saving money, we recommend a bundle buy of our two top-sellers i.e. a FarmMax Airseeder on a Forigo Power Harrow or a Forigo Mulcher. These high-performing implements are proving popular because of their ability to harrow (or mulch) and seed in one pass – saving significant time, cash and diesel. 

3m Forigo Power Harrow and Airseeder on display at FarmShop.

A quality Power Harrow will dramatically minimise soil compaction while levelling the soil surface in preparation for seed distribution. As a result, soil becomes more aerated, creating a better environment for growing crop. 

The Forigo Power Harrow is a heavy-duty machine with vertical counter rotating tines which enable them to easily crumble big clumps and prepare a well-levelled seeding surface. The vertical rotating axis guarantees superior soil ventilation and the working depth can be adjusted to suit the crop e.g. lucerne which should be planted no deeper than 25mm. And the FarmMax Airseeder is a simple and accurate pneumatic seeder to meter and spread small seeds, it can be mounted onto a wide range of tractors. By working together, the two-step task is reduced to one pass – soil prep and seed in one session.

Forigo Power Harrows have a reputation for long-lasting work performanc with low power consumption. The low power consumption can be attributed to Forigo’s unique Tine system called “ZEUS”. Essentially, the tines are bi-directional (e.g. just one tine for both left and right hand). Being the same shape means if a tine requires replacing, you don’t need to source the left or right hand as they’re one in the same. The tines have a conic surface - this curved inner band is heat forged and reduces soil friction. The double radius profile provides better flexibility and higher shock resistance – which in turn minimises cracking and metal fatigue in heavy or stony soils (an important feature for Northland operators).

The gear bed of the power harrow run in liquid grease which stops them drying out and needing regular oil changes, reducing maintenance costs. 

The FarmMax Airseeder is very easy to set up and calibrate with the Forigo Power Harrow and/or Forigo Mulchers because it is GPS monitored, the seed flow will adjust to the speed driven. Our team can install the Airseeder onto either the Harrow or Mulcher at the time of sale.

3m Forigo Mulcher and Airseeder on display at FarmShop

Made in Ireland, FarmMax Airseeders have a 400L hopper and can sow fine seeds such as mustard and turnip from a rate as low as 1 kg/ha or grass seed at 80 kg/ha. Green cover crops are a very popular low-cost crop and being GPS-based it can provide the ultimate in accuracy for oil seed rape establishment. Applying slug pellets and micro granular fertiliser are also options. 

A 12-volt, 80-nm motor drives fluted feed rollers through a six-speed chain and sprocket arrangement, which ensures it achieves optimum rotor speeds. High-capacity twin electric impeller fans ensure a reliable spread (unlike automotive fans used by some other airseeders).

The agitation system eliminates seeds bridging and it can be disengaged when not required. 

FarmShop customer, Dion Aitken works about 100 hectares with his FarmMax Airseeder / Forigo Mulcher combo. He has put the implements through their paces on land near the SH1 Brynderwyn Junction (Northland) along with a run-off in Kaiwaka and Tomarata. “I’m very happy with the results. The time-savings of mulching old grass and reproducing new grass in one operation has made it worthwhile alone. The large electric fan on the Airseeder allows for good distribution of seed, eliminating striping. Mounting onto different implements is easy, basically just 4 bolts to change. FarmShop are my local go-to and they are very helpful.”

FarmShop Customer Dion Aitken shows BEFORE pic.

FarmShop Customer Dion Aitken shows AFTER pic (results in just 5 weeks).

Don Aitken at work.

Who are Forigo? 

Based in Italy, Forigo was established in 1972 when the Forigo brothers made their first power harrow inside a small factory. Fast forward to 2023 and their headquarters in Southern Italy are 25,000sqm and customisation is a strong focus. 

FarmShop discovered Forigo at an industry Trade Show in 2019. The European quality was obvious, but what stood out was Forigo’s Mulchers - a robust design with wide skids and a large diameter rotor giving excellent inertia. The wide feet are not on the outside of the mulcher but sit under the body of the machine, which stops them going out of shape – whereas on other models the feet splay out. The roller on the back of the mower ensures good contact with the soil, good for the ‘one pass’ operation. 

Lastly, Forigo have shown good commitment to this corner of the world, making it a priority to customise machinery to suit NZ conditions, and more recently, hosted FarmShop’s lead mechanics, Jeff Cole and Scott Teal for product training. The team at Forigo gave the guys an opportunity to assemble a Power Harrow directly from the production line. The exercise proved invaluable for product knowledge when promoting Forigo to FarmShop customers. 

“Forigo have invested substantially into their infrastructure and buildings, it was an inspiring visit. A good sense of morale was felt across the factory floor, and they feel aligned to FarmShop’s values of looking after its customer and team,” says lead mechanic, Scott.

We have good stock levels of Forigo Power Harrows, Airseeders and Mulchers readily available and informative training videos. Along with strong customer service, we have back-up parts to reduce downtime and can arrange delivery. Finance and trade-in options are only a phone call away.

We look forward to helping you soon.