Used Duncan Enviro DD30 Seed Drill

Regular price $80,000.00 Excl GST

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  • Double Discs 
  • Auto Greasing unit does every grease nipple bar 1 which is easily accessible 
  • Year 2017 
  • Fully Refurbished - all disc bearings have been replaced 
  • 3m trailed Duncan Enviro DD30
  • Hydraulic fan airseeder 
  • Fert and seed bins
  • Cameras in bins 
  • Auto greasing unit
  • Double disc openers on auto springs for uneven contour. 
  • Brand new tyres (not fitted)
  • Disc bearings replaced at the start of this season 
  • Hydraulic top link for deapth control.
  • Very tidy.

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