FarmMax 6m Folding Cambridge Roller

FarmMax 6m Folding Cambridge Roller

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6m Cambridge Roller DEMO Deals - SAVE $10,000.00 !

2 available:
1. With levelling paddles - 61 cm rings - foldable
2. With 51 cm rings - foldable
Come into our store in Dargaville or call 0800 00 22 09

This heavy drawn cambridge roller is ideal for pressing plowed soil and crumbling large clods. The cambridge roller can be used both before and after sowing. It is hydraulically foldable and comes standard with double acting cylinder and rotatable drawbar eye.


  • Foldable hydraulically
  • Double–acting cylinder
  • Rotatable drawbar eye
  • 61cm Rings
  • Minimum transport width