FarmMax Field and Meadow Harrow 6m

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The field and meadow harrow is used for loosening the topsoil.
The opening action is limited to superficial ripping only.This topsoil loosening implement comes handy where high moisture levels prevent more aggressive farming equipment.
The harrow can strip hard topsoil crust and level out the field to prevent excessive evaporation from deeper within the ground. Other harrow uses include breaking up lumps, weed control, levelling of small irregularities, and more.

Features:ย ย 

  • The robust and durable structure is made from HS (high strength) steel.
  • The finish is made with a spray coat.
  • The high-power hydraulic cylinders help deploy and fold the implement in a short time.
  • Available widths: 4m, 5m, 6m, 8m.

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